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    Hey it’s me again

    I have recently found myself a bit confused on what to feel about many things. I would like to be confident in my beliefs and values, but I find myself torn at times.

    For example, what should my opinion be on illegal immigration or abortion? Most people seem to be PASSIONATE one way or the other, but I sort of just get confused. It seems like the older generation more frequently sides with illegal immigration/abortion being bad, and the younger with illegal immigrant rights and pro-abortion, but I try to not just side with things because they are associated with a certain demographic.

    These are just examples, but I really just don’t know. What moral code do you live by? If I were to just go by “don’t be a jerk,” I might say that immigration reform is better and abortion is bad, but then I would impose things on citizens and pregnant mothers that I’m not sure they are responsible for.

    I used to be really conservative, but now when my parents watch fox news, I often get really annoyed. I’m not really sure what to think here.

    Cee Jay

    Hi Trevor

    It’s me again too!

    You and I live across the pond I am assuming – you in the US and me in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that views and opinions can’t be the same either side.

    You said you would like to be confident in your beliefs and values. If that is the case then they have to be *YOUR* beliefs and values and not someone elses, and you shouldn’t allow yourself to be bullied in to believing what someone else believes just to keep the peace and make them happy. Just, for example sake, your parents vote Republican doesn’t mean you have too, even if it goes against THEIR beliefs, even if they tell you it is a family tradition to vote Republican. I knew a family years ago who voted for a party because it was a family tradition, even though they themselves didn’t agree with a vast majority if all of the party’s policies. YOU, and only YOU, have to decide for yourself what is right for YOU. YOUR parents thoughts are not YOUR thoughts, and you are entitled to your own, whether your parents like it or not. If I’m rambling I apologise. I shall try and move on.

    Maybe you should read up more on the subjects to get an overview before you make any opinions either way. To be prejudice is to ‘pre’-‘judge’, and ‘pre’ means before, whereas ‘post’ means after. I’m not treating you or anyone else like an idiot, but there are some people who don’t know the difference between the two, so just trying to help.

    If you want my opinion on illegal immigration and abortion I can give that to you, if that helps to give you a starting post, but as with all opinions they are personal and there is no right or wrong answer, just YOUR answer, which is right for YOU, and that is all that matters and is important.

    I hope what I have written has made some sense (~smiles~).

    With blessings.

    Cee Jay

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    Hi Trevor. Like yourself, I’m also mixed on the illegal immigration and abortion debates. On one hand, people from other countries should come to ours to get more opportunities, but at the same time, I feel we already have a lot of people in America. We can’t get everybody in our country from the whole planet. It’s the same thing with abortion. I don’t believe women should kill babies, but at the same time, they can’t wreck their own lives going through with the pregnancy if they weren’t ready to have kids. This isn’t due to being religious, I just have my own set of personal morals. But it’s like Cee Jay said. Just be your own person. You’re not going to be exiled from having your own opinions. That’s what makes humans unique.


    Hi Trevor!
    It can be extremely tiring to try and side with both sides. I know of this from experience. You do not owe anyone an explanation of your beliefs. That’s what so great about free will is we can believe anything we wish. Deep down you know exactly what your beliefs are and the fact that you would feel annoyed when Fox News was on is how you know what your true beliefs are…by a feeling. It’s all about a feeling. What beliefs make you feel good inside? Literally, makes you feel peaceful and like you’re on the right track? Not in your head, what you “think”, but actually FEEL. You can never go wrong when you listen to you what you’re feeling bc that’s how our soul communicates with us. Another thing, don’t feel like you have to share your beliefs all the time. Even if someone asks you, you can say you don’t really feel like talking about it, or just a simple “I’m not sure at this time.” I, myself, don’t have too defined beliefs, bc I feel like beliefs are what separates us. They have become too rigid. Maybe focus on simply being and your wonderful qualities and God-given talents as a human being, instead of trying to maintain a certain belief system of making everyone happy. Take care~


    Good advice from everyone above but Cee Jay took the words right out of my mouth haha. To reiterate, what’s most important is thinking for YOURSELF. If you’re not sure what side of abortion you’re on, research the topic and become a self informed individual. Look at the pros and cons, not at other opinions. Form your own opinions based on the references you’ve taken in and you will feel much more at peace. The opinions each and every one of us have are only so because of the things we have learned and experienced in our life so don’t take any too seriously except your own. Those are the ones that matter.

    I completely understand how you feel about FOX news because I have done my share of reading up on our leaders and the propaganda they put out, and FOX is at the top of the list. Based on my experience and I don’t expect you to follow this religiously, I want to give you a heads up. When it comes to “news” the only real information is the one you find on the internet. Anything on television whether it’s TV shows, movies, or the news, is all someone else’s truth. You watch TV and inadvertently transfer misinformation and deception into your brain which is all part of conditioning. Governments are all about control and our wants to control everything how to act, how and what you learn, how to look in materials for happiness, etc. My advice: Don’t watch TV, it is poison.

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