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    Hi dear friends, so this is a huge problem for me that i have dealt with most of my life. Since middle school i always was very self-concious about  my weight, i am very skinny and have a very hard time managing my eating. I have tried different methods for eating but none seems to work. I am a male, 21 years of age and weight 60kg. I am still very selfconcious about my skinny appearance and my face (chins/cheeks) are sinking in. Im trying to eat more all the time but i am at the point where i am eating all the time but still get hungry 30min after eating something. It seems like my body does not use the food properly. Could it be that my body is deteriorating because of my stress and depression that i have? I am gay and havent come out of the closet yet, and it makes me very anxious and stressed all the time. Maybe its ridiculous to suggest that but i am very curious if my skinny health is connected to my inner health in some way.

    Additional facts: i go to the gym 3 times per weed in average



    I assume that you have had a full, medical physical examination to determine that there is nothing physically wrong with you?

    Our health is not segmented between our physical bodies and our emotional aspects plus I believe that our spiritual wellbeing is connected as well.  Mind-Body-Spirit.

    It is well known and proven that how we think, what we believe, and how we feel affects our physical health.

    Being always anxious and stressed can certainly be the cause of your low weight.

    You may want to consider coming out to help with your anxiety and stress.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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