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    Hello Friends,

    I didn’t know where to post this positive thought I had when I was reading one of the blogs last night. God knows, I am nowhere near “emotionally mastering” anything but for this coming year I would like to encourage everyone who is struggling like I am to write something they are grateful for from 2014. I will like to start by:

    Thanking whoever is up there looking after me for a good year of health. Thank you
    I am grateful for being brave
    I am grateful for whoever intentionally and unintentionally helped me make bold career move of quitting my job and moving to another country for an MBA
    I am grateful for my beautiful neices who show me everyday that strong women come in every shape, size and age.
    I am grateful for all the laughter from my old colleagues and my new classmates.
    I am grateful for all the tears that helped me realize what is important in life
    I am grateful for every breathe I take in the free world
    I am grateful for every woman and man who help make this world a better place.
    I am grateful for Tiny Buddha for helping me everyday.
    I am grateful to Ajahn Brahm who makes me laugh while teaching me profound truths of life
    I am grateful for everyone on Tiny Buddha who has answered my forums to tell me that I am not alone. to tell me to keep going. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whoever you guys are, I want you to know that you have saved me many many times. You have helped me out of dark places.

    Please take a minute and write down what you are grateful for. Even being absolutely alone without family or friends, I can tell you that this little exercise has had me smiling all day. isn’t that worth a try?

    Happy new years everyone….


    I want to add my own wishes for a happy new year for all .. and to share some of my gratitudes.

    I’m grateful for a strong and courageous heart that’s taken me from hell and back.
    I’m grateful for a wonderful career that is satisfying and rewarding.
    I’m grateful for a great group of people that I work with. They make my sadness go away and bring laughter and friendship into my life.
    I’m grateful for my long-time friend, Sue, who’s there for me – no matter if I’ve messed up or not.
    I’m ever so grateful for Tiny Buddha. You guys have been an oasis of comfort and inspiration in my darkness

    We may never meet, but know that you’ve touched my heart in so many ways. Wishing you all peace and joy in 2015 🙂


    I’ve told myself 2015 is going to be my first true year of Zen. For most of the years of my life – I’ve been a worrier, I obsess over every little thing, I let my temper get the best of me too often, and have had such a tough time letting go and relaxing – just enjoying life. Not anymore -I’m choosing to make permanent changes in 2015 to change my perspective and my reaction to adversity.

    I’m grateful for the pain and changes in my life this past year that have led me out of my rut and on to the path I am on.
    I’m grateful for the better understanding of the version of myself I want to be that I have attained.
    I’m grateful for the mornings I’ve woken to thoughts of happiness and not dread despite all the things in my life I am not happy about.
    I’m grateful for the compassion and understanding I’ve shown to myself.
    I’m grateful for an awesome family and group of friends who I’ve come to appreciate the way I always should have been these past few months.
    I’m grateful for meditation, tai chi, and coffee! (haha)
    I’m grateful for the wisdom and knowledge I’ve learned through this website and the people on it – and the chance to help someone else by imparting what I have learned on my own journey so far.
    I’m grateful for the first time in a very long time I have feelings of hope and ambition for the new year.

    I have struggled to maintain many times but it feels pretty damn good to have gratitude towards so much good in my life despite sporadic feelings of sadness. I wish everyone the best this new years and hope that 2015 is as great for you as you want it to be.


    Blessing for my gratitude buddies 🙂 I never make resolutions b/c I never keep them, but here’s one 1 WANT to keep – I’m going to find 3 things to be grateful for every day.

    I’m grateful for the unexpected gifts from the universe. The other day I went to the mall just to distract myself from myh thoughts. Went to get something to eat and there was a bookstore close by, so I just went in to check it out. I found a book, The Untethered Soul, The Journey Beyond Yourself, by Michael A. Singer. I’ve been glued to the book ever since (well, at least when I’m not surfing through my favourite Tiny Buddha site). It talks about how we can find inner peace and freedom .. and how it all starts with us. Thank you to the universe for helping me further my spiritual growth and understanding.

    I’m grateful for small blessings … a smile from a stranger, coffee 🙂 and music.

    I’m grateful for silence and peace, even if it comes at a price of letting go of a hurtful, damaged relationship.

    There .. I feel better 🙂 What an awesome experience. To just sit quietly and be able to embrace my life .. the good, the bad and the ugly. Definitely Different.

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