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    Hi Anita,

    First of all, THANK YOU so much for taking the time to really think about and respond to my questions in such a deep way. I cannot thank you enough and definitely feel you should be paid to give this level of advice! You have given me so much to think about and mull over. You last bit of advice about our tendency as anxious persons to try to fill the void we have really struck me. I am sorry this response is so short…. I am going to read the suggested posts you sent to me, digest them, and will post back in the next couple of days. I really cannot thank you enough. Will talk again soon and hope you enjoy the rest of your day!




    Dear Charlotte:

    You are welcome. It is a good investment of my time when I try to be of some help to you, a person who is helping slow down climate change every day (thank you!), who cares about democracy, and a good person all the way around. Do take your time, and get back to me whenever you are ready. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day as well.



    My friend..


    Your suffering and stress is the effect from your imagination to ‘WHAT IF.’


    What is the nature of WHAT IF? Means if we must use WHAT IF. Then it is not your life.


    I share..


    Right now everything is OK. See everything as it is right now. Now you have a child. Let go of the number. See you have a child. And.. Everything is taking place equally with your current circumstances.


    When you see everything clearly that IS.. You can begin relax inside, peace, from the storm of emotions from your imagination of how things should be or must be.


    You allow the life to move freely without losing so much energy gasping in fears or self created expectations.


    My friend when you compare yourself or your families situation with another you only mistake with yourself. When you are looking out at what others are doing or did.


    Your inner suffering is the effect from not allowing everything to take place naturally. There is no wrong or right way.

    Your fears of regrets come from keeping a fixed idea of how things should be.


    Come back to the space of gratitude in everything that you have together now as a family.

    Focus on your own family and not the habits and behaviours of others.

    Relax with the life. Your life. Relax means come back to the present and grateful for the child you have. Don’t lose yourself to an imaginary future or past.

    Must courage. Confidence.

    Ready with the life.

    Courage and confidence in yourself no matter which way everything goes.

    You can overcome anything.

    Peace my friend. Peace in everything and gratitude for what you have. Now.

    No need to force the life.

    Practice to put down your emotions and fears attached to your imagined outcomes and you will be able balance again.

    When you balance, and the spinning of emotions slows down.. You come back to calm inside..

    See clearly again without the obstructions from false thinking.


    Everything will take place.

    The way will appear naturally on the time.

    My friend.


    Its ok.







Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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