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    Hello all,

    I am a big advocate of fitness (& living a healthy lifestyle) as it was the gateway to the start of my enlightenment and soul searching. Mostly the self information aspect is what carried on from fitness to the rest of my life because of the obsession I had when I first started. I found myself reading countless articles on anything I had questions about and this trait is what I believe, is necessary in order to grow into your highest potential. Don’t depend on anyone to do your work or your research, INFORM YOURSELF! This is not a thread of me asking for advice, instead one where I share some resources that helped me get and STAY fit. I know there are many of you trying to get into shape or just live a healthier life in general and I want to help.

    A little background, I was never excessively unhealthy but I was very out of shape and unhappy with my life up until I graduated high school. When I started college a couple months later, I started to lift weights. I’m 21 now and Health has become my biggest passion. I feel like it’s my purpose to become a health guru so I can give back to the world with my knowledge and help humanity get back to a healthy norm. I am working on my personal training certificate and very close to my AA in phys. therapy so I don’t have a detailed, extensive education but I’ve been training for ~2 years so I think I know a lil’ something. 😀

    My latest tool in my learnings is Paul Chek. After watching one of his seminars, one thing he said stuck in my head. He said that most doctors and physical practitioners can be as book smart as they want(about health), but if they’ve no experience being and living healthy, it doesn’t really count.. In other words, if your doctor has a gut and probably gets sick as or more frequently than you, I rest my case. I felt tied to this subject because of him and will be learning internally and externally along with the rest of you in my journey, life. His method is economical sinceit is all internal; the four doctors he teaches you about are found inside of your skin. Follow his teachings and you’ll most likely never have to see a doctor in your life again. I recommend his book “How to eat move and be healthy.” A wonderful read for those trying to make a positive, lasting change in their quality of life. Check out this preview (

    Next up is Elliot Hulse. I’ve been following him since the beginning of my transformation and he’s a big role model for me. Not only is he a guru in fitness but he’s spiritual as well. His philosophies and the advice he gives to his viewers are so profound, to me and millions of others at least. So many of the advice in his videos indirectly apply to the events I’ve trouble with in my life and I really recommend you guys watch a video or two from his channels. He, as do I, wants everyone to become the strongest version of themselves and I will help spread his channel without a doubt. is his philosophy channel where he gives advice to his viewers. is his other channel and movement(Strength Camp) where he focuses more on Fitness.
    “A healthy body is a healthy mind” – Elliott Hulse

    Lastly, Mike Rashid. This guy is such an inspiration and is my main source of motivation over knowledge which I primarily use the first 2 for. He speaks tons of knowledge nonetheless but he just has a way of hyping me up for the gym! He does not believe in limits and the more I watch him, the more he helps instill the same mind state in myself. His latest video “Mental Toughness” ( which I watched yesterday really gave me a fresh dose of motivation to kill it in the gym since I’ve been slacking a bit these past couple weeks. Slacking to me is very minimal compared to others but I like to keep a high standard for myself all thanks to Mike. I encourage you guys to do the same, do not allow yourself to make excuses for yourself. Our body is our primary vehicle and we must take care of it as we do our cars, if we want to maximize it’s performance and longevity.

    These guys’ videos are enough for me but I will add tips if necessary. 🙂 Whoever else has solid advice can pitch in as well, I hope this can get stickied if it is received well. I will continue reading Chek’s products and hopefully contribute more in the near future. Wish you guys the best on your path to living healthy!

    With an OVERabundance of Love,

    The Ruminant

    I agree on informing yourself, which is why I tend to stay clear of anyone called a “guru” 😉 I prefer rationalism over egotism. I like Lyle McDonald’s articles on diet and fitness. For a more holistic approach I like to just listen to how I feel.


    I guess I had a misunderstanding of guru’s definition. I just meant someone that knows a lot on said subject 🙂 but agreed!

    I have never heard of Lyle’s work, I’ll have to check him out.

    Dain Supero

    As much as possible, base your knowledge of general health, exercise performance, and nutrition on objective, rationally derived knowledge. In other words, clinical research, published studies, and so on. From this pool of accurate and objective knowledge, you can extract what works for you and thus form a personal and subjective routine/diet/etc.

    The problem with most fitness gurus is that they take subjective knowledge (what works for THEM) and advance that as objective knowledge that should work for everyone. Don’t get me wrong. If you’re watching these videos strictly for motivation or that momentary lift to get through workouts during a hard week, that’s different. Just don’t take everything they say at face value. Question it, investigate for yourself, then arrive at your own conclusion.

    If you want rational, objective, clinically backed articles on exercise performance and nutrition, visit my blog. I won’t post the link here; my intent is not to advertise my website. Find the link in my profile and browse the exercise performance and nutrition sections.

    If you have specific questions, contact me via the contact page.

    Best of luck with your studies and your pursuits.

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