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    Ahh Danubelle I’m sorry I hadn’t read your last post and just instinctively reacted on the original post..
    It wasn’t my intention to poor negative energie onto here.

    I think you are a very strong and forgiving person reading from your last posts which I have now read, that’s something truly admirable.
    It appears you have found your peace of mind and I don’t think it will take you long to accept and get the closure from within you need.
    It’s always said that true closure comes from within..I believe that to be true.

    On the other hand I don’t believe that the question of why will totally disappear, you will, and have already by what I read, accept the events to be for a bigger purpose.
    Sometimes things happen to us just for something better to happen to us afterwards. (I know it doesnt sounds very credible from the point I am at now, but still I do believe that everything happens for a reason).


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    Laleh- I responded to your other post about NYC. It is great that you see the difference between ego and self.

    He was in your life for reason which the spirit world has not shared with you yet. I am highly suspicious this man is a soul mate or twin flame. I say this based on how hard it has been to get over him and the fact that he was tied in so tightly with NYC.

    Stop trying to overthink this and work on yourself. If you are meant to be together, you two will come back together. Go with the flow and see what happens.


    Than you again, you might be correct, but I am wondering why did you say it has been hard for me to get over it? to be honest, I have to mention to you, strangely enough this was the first guy in my life, I was very calm about it, I did not go crazy which I usually did in the past, I didn’t contact him to ask where he is, I was so in control which is not like me usually, when I get obsessed with someone I want to control everything, but this one, I basically let it happen, and when it ended I just was upset, but I didn’t do anything about it, everyone told me this is so not you, and you are acting like a mature confident woman, well of course I was having hard time getting closure because the urge to wanting to KNOW everything.. but strangely enough I wasn’t really madly in love with him, no crazy passion either, we just were so nicely fit together, like having a husband and it’s just easy.. anyawys, I am curios to know what is the relationship between a guy being tightly connected to NYC and not being a soulmate? in general!
    And i have to say, as of now it I have basically let go of the need to know and etc. the only thing bugs me sometimes is memory of good times and him just comes and goes and I just stay with it and let it pass.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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