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    Hello everyone!

    I’m doing a fun experiment and I would love everyone’s help.

    I want to get as many responses as possible to this question, and then analyze and go through the results to compose a free e-book about success!

    You can read more details here:

    All I ask if that you simply say what success means to you. So many people define it differently, and I’d love to hear your insight!


    Success to me has little to do with material wealth. You’re successful if you are happy. Period. I could say you’re successful if you love your work – and indeed, waking up each day and loving what you do is measure of success. I could say you’re successful if you make a lot of money – again another measure of success. But the person who wakes up every day and puts on that red vest for their job at Wal-Mart, but just happy and ready to face the day – aren’t they just as successful?


    Valerie, I could not agree more. I believe happiness is the true measure of success, but even still, that measurement is so dependent on the person. One person may only be happy if they have a lot of money, and another person might be happy if they have a great family and great friends. It varies so much on the person, which makes this such a complicated question!


    Oh, without a doubt, it’s a very personal issue. For many women, success is measured by family, love and children. Men, on the other hand, tend to value work, money and possessions. Still others want the whole enchilada!


    I don’t think I know what success means to me anymore, which is why I have not attained it. Freedom from worry and being healthy are the first two things that come to mind, but I think if I had those, I’d probably move on to wanting something else. I have a pretty good job but I don’t appreciate it anymore. I have a family who loves me, for which I am very grateful but I always think I should be more grateful when I hear about people who have no one. I have a loving husband for whom I would do just about anything. But I can’t and never will have kids (biological or otherwise), and that leaves a gaping hole in my soul that nothing can heal. I would have loved to be a stay-at-home mom, like my mom was for me. That would have been my definition of success – to raise a family of my own. So now I don’t know what it is. I guess it’s survival, to overcome the pain, anger, and grief that I have to stuff down every day in order to get out of bed. I’m still new to Tiny Buddha, so I haven’t found inner peace and happiness yet, not even close.



    I want you know that you are succeeding right now in this very moment by coming on tiny Buddha and being willing and able to write your thoughts down and share them with all of us. It is my belief that because of what may seem a small act, you are succeeding in beginning a journey that can lead you to inner peace. This is because you are opening up your heart, and it is very clear that you desire change in your life. That’s the first step, awareness. That awareness may be painful, it may be a bit frightening but stay strong because things will change, if you choose for them to. I can’t speak on your past, but perhaps I can address the present. I don’t have all the answers but I will humbly offer this: stay connected, keep speaking your truth, to those who you love, to the tinybuddha family. Would you mind trying something? Everyday when you wake up can you write down the first thing that pops in your head that you are grateful for? Whether it is something seemingly small: “hey the temperature in my bedroom is perfect” to the bigger picture, “I have this amazing man in my life through whom I have received the gift of love”. By writing down these things you are grateful for life, you will begin to look at your life through a lens of “wow I forgot I have all these amazing aspects of my life!” Deep within your heart and soul thirsts for this type of self love. It will gladly drink it up. Keep trucking a long on tinybuddha, it has changed my life immensely and definitely for the better. I know it will do the same for you!

    With Love,


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