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    In other words, what outlook on life do you think we as human beings need to have?

    I REALLY want to know what you all have to think ’cause I’m tired of reading these crappy articles on how I “should” live life and feeling empty afterwards.

    HELP :3


    That seems to be a simple yet profound question. And probably there are many answers that will leave you empty, such as “here and now” or “following our dreams” or “evolving” which I understand they wouldn’t help you if you didn’t come to those answers by yourself.

    But… the question “How Should We Live Life?” makes me ask myself other questions…

    First question: why should we need a certain way to live life?
    Maybe because we want something. So maybe we should live our life pursuing what we want. And I believe what we want can be found at different levels, from basic needs to spiritual realizations.

    Second question: Should Everybody live their life in a certain way?
    Probably not, as long as the way one lives their live doesn’t hurt the way others live theirs.

    Third question: Should everybody ask themselves how should they live their life?
    Probably they will eventually, so there is no need to force them.

    But the more important question probably is: why we are asking ourselves how should we live our life?
    In my opinion 2 are the cases:
    1) we are doing something “wrong”, we are dealing our life in a way that doesn’t make us happy, maybe we made the “wrong” choiches, maybe choiches suggested by the people around us or by some limiting believes instead of choosing what we really want.
    2) we are awakening to a new purpose in our life.

    So the question “How should we live life?” can be turned in my opinion into “what we really want?”
    (if it can’t, I think there are some limiting believes in place)

    So, if we know what we really want we can live our lives accordingly. Or have a plan to achieve that. Or change what we believe is what we want, ’cause – I believe – in no way we can be wanting something that we cannot achieve (es. I want a Ferrari… b*llsh*t! I want the feeling I “wrongly” believe only a Ferrari can give me… or something like that…)

    If we don’t know what we really want… probably we want to know what we really want. And that can be the start of a great journey of self discovery.
    So in this case the answer to “How Should We Live Life?” would be “Know thyself!”

    This was just my train of thoughts regarding this. Hope you enjoyed it a little bit! 🙂
    But most of all I hope it helped you at least a little bit with your feeling of emptyness, ’cause I think I know the feeling: probably we should search ourselves, along the internet, when we are craving for this kind of answers. 🙂

    [Please note that English is my Second language, so be lenient with me if I made some mistakes or I couldn’t be able to express my thought correctly]



    I appreciate your effort in responding to my question although English is not your second language. Also, know your answer is exactly what I was looking for. I needed someone to challenge my belief. Thank you. You are right. We do need to start asking ourselves “What do we really want?” instead of “how should we live life?” ’cause at the end of the day, it is us living our lives and not the other people on the Internet telling us how we “should” be living in order to achieve true happiness.

    The Ruminant

    If there would be some guidance that I’d give myself on how to live life, then there’s just a couple of things that I try to live by, but it’s really not a constant thing for me.

    One is that we only live in this very moment. We do not physically live in the past nor the future. When we live, it happens right here, right now. So focus should be where we actually are living, which is “now”.

    We should focus on love and not fear. Put loving energy into everything that you do. I can’t really explain it that well, because to me it’s a distinct feeling. Compassion, understanding, care, and love all wrapped into one. Warmth. Anyway, even when something scary happens, I try to take a moment and remember that feeling, towards myself and towards others. That way I’m less likely to react with anger and get sucked in drama, and more likely to see things more clearly and respond with calmness.

    I don’t think we need to do this perfectly. I have several emotional scars from my life thus far and I cherish those as well. I embrace the imperfect me, who doesn’t always know what she’s doing and gets scared and sometimes hurts other people. When those things happen, then I just try to go back to the two points I presented previously. Then try again. I’ve found that we all have some particular lesson that we need to learn and that thing keeps presenting itself over and over and over again in our lives, until we learn how to deal with it. I have not found any other universal guidance other than focusing on the present moment and responding to events with compassion and love. So that’s my 2 cents 🙂


    Jackie B,
    I don’t believe in “shoulds” but what does our heart say to us. This is a bit different from “What do we really want?” even though it is similar.

    Check out this TEDx talk where the speaker talks about asking ourselves Who do we want to be? I like that question to guide us the best.

    Could you expand on your life circumstances and thinking behind your question/inquiry?



    Hey Jackie,

    How would *you* like to live your life? What actions bring *you* the most joy?

    No one but you is your boss.


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