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    Thanks Anita,

    That is very helpful. I will look into beginner’s mind and mindfulness. Thank you for your insightful guidance.


    You are welcome, cheel629. Please post again anytime.

    Gary R. Smith

    Dear Chelle,

    Listening to the heart is a deep subject, and vital for growth as you realize.

    The heart refers both to the physical heart-brain with its neural networks and capacity for non-analytical understanding and to the mystical heart, the core of one’s being. Hearing the heart’s voice and distinguishing it from the cacaphony of voices from within and without is part of the human challenge and journey.

    Do not belittle yourself for being “… too busy listening to other people’s needs, and not wanting to hurt people… ” as it is just a stage of the journey. What is important is that you have a growing self-awareness and feel urged to make changes.

    Meditation is one tool, but often not fully effective in itself especially when followed as a system or technique. My suggestion for you, if it resonates in your heart, is to read this blog post on ‘The Impersonal Life,’ which according to one description is one of the key books written on the topic of self-discovery.


    The whole book is from the perspective of the voice of the heart, the voice of pure consciousness – within the person and all that is – which speaks from beyond personal thought, cultural imprints and maya. If you choose to read the post, I am interested to know how it feels to your heart.

    Kind regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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