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    tiny lantern

    I believe in God and spirituality and that prayer is powerful, but I don’t like praying anymore. I pray sometimes at night with my father who is sick, I suggest to pray for his health, as he is very religious and for him his prayers work. Mine don’t. I try to pray by doing kind acts, by doing my best to be just and by trying to help others. But when I am on my own I resent communion with God. I feel rejected and don’t believe the words I speak. I don’t love God anymore even though I believe there is something out there that is good and powerful and created everything. I also believe that love and communication is important but I don’t like my relationship with God, even though I know I have been given so much in life. I don’t want to be ungrateful, but because I was never able to enter a romantic relationship and things would always fall apart and none of my prayers would work, I resent God for it. I tried a lot on my behalf, but I don’t feel any support. I resent God so much, and I wish I didn’t. I wish I could genuinely and joyfully pray. I can only genuinely pray if it is for others. I feel that maybe at least there is a chance for them. I just can’t get over it. I feel so discontent. What I have is simply not enough for me. It is not enough for me to have a loving family and health and money and a nice job and friends and peace and opportunities ahead. Can you believe it? I resent God for not helping me in finding an intimate relationship, something that would last. Even though there was a time I just didn’t care. It’s not that I was always desperate about being in a relationship. You know how they say if you sre not looking it will come? nope, it didn’t even come then. 15 years… and nothing. dates and nothing. nothing. nothing. No answer. But then I guess God isn’t supporting or answering all those people who are starving and suffering either.


    Hey, how are you. I was just reading this and I realized I feel so related to what you are saying. But I just wanted to say that, yes, although we sometimes do not find the motivation to pray, or the feeling of been comfortable with the idea of God, I think we can still try, I mean, for example when we were kids, the math teacher put us to do a lot of math exercises and we just didn’t want to do them because we found them incredibly difficult, well, but after a while we just realized that the practice gave us power, the power to understand those exercises and be better at math. Well, I think praying, or starting a relationship with God is just like that. You should start practicing, meditating, not because you feel that you want to do it, because feelings are so ephemeral, but because you know that maybe if you start trying, you’ll reach pass that stage of been embarrased about your relationship with God.  I think we should just start by laying on the floor and telling him, here I am, take me as I am, help me pray, help me build this relationship with you. Sometimes negativity can ruin everything, but if you just abandon yourself to the chance of starting a communication, you will reach it at some point. And you’ll see that math exercises  can be quite easy if you practice enough. Star by a simple pray, and then maybe, you’ll see… Hope you open your heart, good luck. And have peace.


    Dear tiny lantern:

    Is there a (biblical) God? Some say there is; some say there isn’t. So it is, socially, a controversial topic.

    What is not controversial is your observation expressed in your last sentence: “But then I guess God isn’t supporting or answering all those people who are starving and suffering either”-

    If there is a God, then, the following is true, not controversial: that god has not answered the prayers of many millions of people throughout history. Many of those prayers were by victims of crimes, many by children, innocent victims.

    I don’t pray.




    I personally would not equate God with the Bible or organized religion. I don’t think it helps.

    I don’t pray much either.



    Dear tiny lantern,

    How to love God?

    The answer is LOVE itself. It is complete innocence about any particular way or knowledge and loving Him like anything. God is not an effort, just talk to Him as if He is your lover, talk all stupid things, talk about anything or everything, talk from the core of your heart, talk as if you have found Him after a long search. Don’t do it only while praying…in fact I would say you need not even sit for praying.
    Just love Him while dancing, while singing, while walking. Ask Him who loves more (He or you)…complain to Him about all the things which you don’t have…..cry before Him….be honest…

    I can guarantee you, you will surely feel Him near you, in unforeseen ways.
    It is as simple as you love a person!

    Take care,

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