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    Hi everyone,

    So 5 days ago is my friend’s birthday. So i posted a pic of our pic together in my instagram story to wish her a happy birthday (it was a pic of a group of 8 people which is our group of friends in uni). Before i post the pic on my instagram story, i hesitate… because 4 of the boys (including me) in that pic is posing in a crouch position in front of the 4 girls (so the boys look immature there in that pic, like how can a grown up boys pose like that, it would be better if the boys are standing right).

    But i end up posting that pic.. idk what i’m thinking and now most of my followers have seen that pic. Like i could have chosen another pic, but i chose to post that pic….. i know it sounds weird that i feel embarrassed of that pic but still post that pic. I feel people might think that im immature (im 21 now, graduated from uni). I know most people would say to just “be yourself” so i wont think much. But i cant stop thinking about this. Like my “childish & immature” image is in everyone’s head now. I’ve been regretting this for 5 straight days…. even when im alone in my room, i feel like screaming (i feel really embarrassed).
    What should i do? I even feel not confident to post anything on my instagram anymore?



    I highly recommend resetting your priorities. You said you are 21 and graduated from uni.. The picture you posted does not seem nearly as immature as your reaction to the post. You shouldn’t care how other people perceive you on social media (so long as you’re not being violent, offensive, inappropriate) and anyone who you are connected with, or anyone involved in the photo shouldn’t even think about judging you since they who you really are.


    Dear dee,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Actually this isnt my priority. It’s just that i feel that i’ve ruined my image with my own actions (in which i can prevent). Like i could choose a different pic, but i choose that one.
    I feel like people who dont really know might who could thought that im mature, suddenly changes their mind after seeing that pic.

    I keep telling my mind to stop regretting it, but i cant. It keeps blaming me. Everyday i keep looking at that pic, with so much embarrassment. Do u have any tips on how to stop this?


    Hi Felix

    You cannot change what has happened.  You have posted this particular picture and now you feel embarrassed.  The only thing you can do is resolve to be more selective in future, that is, learn from this experience.  Forgive yourself, let it go and move on.  That’s the mature way.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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