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    How vivid is astral projection? I have balanced all of my chakras with the exception of the pineal gland (33%) and the crown chakra (-19%). One evening, I was meditating for a while then started the method to project. I was surprised with the results, as I hit the vibrational stage (in my lower spine) and even had images of me leaving my body in third person (in my head) but it wasn’t super vivid, as well as I’m 90% sure astral projection is seen in first person :/


    Hello Lindzee,

    I do not have first hand experience of astral projection but I have read of people that can visit friends, say, and be able to recount details of those visits through such projections, details of conversations and circumstances which were taking place.

    I would question why you would want to astrally project yourself.  Where are you trying to project yourself to?  Apparently, although we may be consciously unaware of it, our spirits leave our bodies on a regular basis, particularly during sleep.  It’s worth bearing in mind that there isn’t a distinction between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, other than the one we chose to place upon it.  Our whole being has enough inner intelligence to know what is happening to it on all levels.  In other words, we are affected on all levels by what happens to us.  We are all spiritual people.  We came from spirit and we will return to spirit regardless of whether we acknowledge it or not.

    On the subject of God, the greatest and most powerful statement is that “God is Love”.  If you put love in your heart, you have God in your heart.  Give out with love to yourself, your parents, your family, your friends, your work colleagues, your community and the wider world.  Believe in a loving God.

    You have been given the gift of life by your parents and no-one can do more for you than that.  Be grateful to them (even if you clash over religious issues).  It is all part of your soul’s purpose.





    Hello my friend,

    My name is Wind.. I only share some questions for your quiet curious contemplation..

    I do not say you must either care or not care the questions.. Depends you.

    As each person is always right. Right, meaning..  only right equal with their space and level of Enlightenment.

    To must be born, only to one day must die.. What is the purpose of BE BORN?

    What is the nature of Balance?

    What is the root law of all Laws in the relative (physical)  space?


    As you have just said, you began the method for Astral projection..

    What is your purpose when you begin do?

    As you described, you were surprised with the results..

    After finish.. What did you attain from your result?

    As you described, you had images in your head of leaving your body in 3rd person..

    Does the 3rd person imply you? Or another person that is not you?

    If the location of the 3rd person is in your head as you said, means you must be able to clearly describe some of the details inside your head first?

    My friend..

    From the question.. when observed without discrimination.. creates the occasion for deeper contemplation and on the time everything to open.

    Thank you so much,






    So why do I wanna astral project? Well, initially it was just a “cool factor” to me, and thought it would be pretty amazing to fly around. But after I did a bit more research, there are a ton of benefits, but the one that stuck out most to me is the ability to travel to the spirit world through the astral plane to reach out to lost loved ones, seek spirit guides, talk to your subconscience, etc. Another thing that appealed to me is I heard you can see a grid around the entire planet that Thoth made many thousands of years ago to protect us from the Satan Experiment or something like that. I forget exactly what that was, but I still wanna see it lol.

    When I finished, I came to the realization that astral projection is possible within myself, if I put in the right amount of effort.

    Yes, those images I had in my head of leaving my body in third person was me, in the room I was in (my bedroom, with me sitting in a meditative stance in a chair). I mean, yes I can recount the details clearly because it was just my room, and I know pretty much everything that is in there. I never left the room. However, something interesting is that I was able to see everything, despite the fact the room was pitch black.


    Hello Lindzee,

    Thank you for your reply.   It sounds as if your spirit left your body during meditation and you were able to observe yourself and your room.  The spirit world is all around us, they share our space.  This includes your loved ones and your guides.  You can ask to meet them during meditation – let them come to you if they feel it is beneficial.  Your sub-conscious mind is already with you.  That just contains things that have happened to us, thoughts and feelings, that we are not focusing on.   As soon as you recall a memory, it becomes conscious.  No flight necessary.  Even your higher self is there with you.

    I hope you find what you are looking for through astral projection.

    Best Wishes


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