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    hi, this is my first time writing in this blog, my english is not very well and im sorry for that.

    i dont even know what different between love and like ?

    am i in love with my bestfriend, which is a GAY ? or i just feeling so lonely and i only have him ? this is so weird, i know it. but i cant control myself.

    he is the one and only man who met me everyday just for talking, eating, watching movie, drove me home, know everythings about me and my dirty little secret.

    we often stay together, i sleep in his house or he sleep on my house. we mostly sleep together four times in a week.

    yes, i have a boyfriend but we are long distance relationship and i dont know what i feel to my boyfriend ? am i love him ? because every time i am with my Gay friend, i will always forget my boyfriend, i never text him or call him or everything.

    I believe he is one of my soul mates because we read each others minds all the time. what should i do ?


    Dear Momongirl:

    It is my understanding that you have a best friend, a man who is gay. Your friendship is close, intimate although not sexual. When you spend time with him, you don’t think or need your long distance boyfriend. It is understandable that when you are in the presence of a person with whom you are very close, that you don’t feel lonely, and therefore you don’t miss someone else. You are content.

    It is natural to need connections and company in-person. Long distance relationships are not satisfactory, not for most people, I believe. Not for long.

    You feel closeness, emotional intimacy with your gay friend with whom you spend a lot of time with, in person. On the other hand, understandably, you feel less close to a boyfriend who you don’t spend time with, a Long Distance boyfriend.

    Am I understanding correctly so far?



    Momongirl what Anita said, ” Long distance relationships are not satisfactory, not for most people, I believe. Not for long.” This is a 100% true statement. Many people I know have put so much energy into a long distance relationship, that when the reality of the big B, the big breakup happens, they have been left even more confused and hurt by virtue of being in a long distance relationship. Perhaps you should revisit that long distance relationship and be honest with yourself in asking, is this (long distance relationship) really going to be what you are looking for. This type of relationship is very susceptible to collapsing because all the variables, all the necessary elements that are required for a relationship to work, are absent.

    I am curious…you said, “I in love with my bestfriend, which is a GAY.” Is there any significance in his sexuality coming into play? I was just wondering if it is important to differentiate between  your relationship with your best friend, who you say is Gay, as opposed to straight person. I was just wondering if there is a significance to this…


    in fact is my bestfriend can be with women and man. when he is with women, he will become top ( a man ) and when he is with man, he will become a BOT ( a girl ).

    first he was in relationship with a women for 2 years,  he broke up and become a gay. since childhood, he has interest with a man but he never try and deny that feelings. but now, he become a pure gay.

    we always kiss each other every single day, sometimes when we are sleeping together, he can kiss my neck and holding my boobs and he become horny ( but not always like that, just sometimes ). his mom think we are a couple and his mom so kind to me.

    i dont really know what both of us feeling, because if he loves me or i love him or we loving each other, WE CANT BE TOGETHER. because he is a gay or he can making love with a man.

    is that feeling because is we always met up everyday ? or because we need each other ? or because we dont have another close friends ?

    when i see he hang out with another man, i become jealous and when i hang out with another man, he will become so diffrent to me and had no interest about my thing about that man.

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