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    I made a video about ‘mental noting’. It’s a technique to help with acknowledging your experience. I’m curious to hear what you guys think. 🙂


    Hi Oscar,

    Nice video making!

    For me though, the Mental Noting would not work. I may feel what I think is anger, but if I label it “Anger” I entrench more energy into it, and if it’s really, say, fear masquerading as anger, I again don’t want to label it, especially incorrectly!

    I let emotions wash over me, and if anything, do note the situation itself, what’s going on, aside from whatever I may be feeling, and respond accordingly.

    Of course, if I have an emotion that feels like *panic/fear/heightened alert* I honor that if it comes on suddenly. I don’t label it though because for me it is just one more step.

    I either don’t need the exercise in the video or am not there yet. But I like your delivery and style. Maybe watch out for what could be perceived as sarcasm (the Dharma scene and the rhetorical guy asking questions.)

    Good Luck on your Projects!



    Dear Oscar:

    For me your video was absolutely perfect. I can’t think of a single way to improve it. It was accurate, informative, clear, as simple as can be in delivery, entertaining, attention grabbing, not boring, excellent, thumbs up. I noted as I watched your video IMPATIENCE, I wanted to hurry and tell you how wonderful your video is so I missed parts of it as I was planning on telling you how great it is. I intend do watch it again.



    Dear Oscar,

    I really enjoyed your video! I totally got your message. I myself have also been “mental noting” a lot especially when I feel like I’m judging or jealous of someone. It has helped me catch myself & respond more appropriately. The one I am also still stumbling with is anger because it just has so much energy…but I’ll continue to work on it!

    I love the “Dharma” ad haha….I got a very good laugh out of it! I like the simple props you added…definitely looking forward to seeing more of your productions!

    With a bow,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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