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    Hii I am new here but I saw some amazing people here giving great advice. I need your help guys. I am recovering from lifetime of narcissistic abuse from my family and I suffering with lot of emotions, very painful lot of times, but now I feel they’re getting stuck in my body. I feel like someone is choking me basically 24/7 and I can’t find reason why or way how to release it, I also feel a lot in my stomach my digestion is suffering a lot and I am afraid it will cause me some more health issues in future. I need some practical techniques how to release this stress nd fear and pain from my body and especially sadness ans anger are biggest ones… ans please don’t say I should meditate I do it everyday and even though it helps it is just temporary it doesn’t solve the problem it is just relief…

    Thank you for advice



    Hi there,

    I suffer a lot with fear and anxiety, particularly in my tummy. I think the only thing that helps me much is going to speak to someone to help deal with my fears and emotions. But there are no quick fixes. I’m sorry you’re going through this right now.



    Thank you for your answer! Sorry you had to go through it too! For fear what helped me a lot was this video where one woman said that fear is just too much energy, too much information… it helped me a bit not taking it so seriously..


    Thank you



    Dear BarbJacobs:

    “I also feel a lot in my stomach my digestion is suffering a lot and I am afraid it will cause me some more health issues“- your first distress here is in your stomach. The italicized is you panicking, adding a second distress to the first. My advice is that you don’t panic, don’t add distress to distress.

    “practical techniques how to release this stress and fear and pain from my body and especially sadness and anger”:

    -Share about it here, describing these feelings, or share it in a support group you attend in person and/or in a psychotherapy/ counseling setting.

    -Daily aerobic exercise such as fast walking for at least 20 minutes per walk.

    -Resolve current personal relationships that activate your anger and distress otherwise, choosing what interactions to have with whom, disengaging from certain individuals in your life.

    -Healthy or non-harmful distractions taken throughout the day according to circumstances: ex,. music, a movie, walk in nature/outdoors, sauna, hot tea.







    Hi Barb,

    I went through a very similar experience as you so I completely relate. It took me much trial and error to learn what worked so Id love to offer some suggestions. Acupuncture helped me pinpoint some blocked areas (also many insurance plans cover it now), counseling helped me release a lot of my anger. If you bottle your feelingsup- they fester. I also dealt with an extremely dysfunctional family and I would ruminate over and over the things that hurt me so I empathize with you alot.  Share your feelings with a therapist or a friend. It helped validate my emotions and experiences. Yoga helped me release my frustration and helped me build up my confidence again. I absolutely hate the gym so finding something that helped me emotionally as well as physically was huge. Watching your flexibility and strength increase is powerful for your mental health as well.

    I hope this helps a little and dont give up. Thinks can get better and you can find peace. I am also confident alot of your physical symptoms will improve when you take care of your mental health.




    I noticed you mentioned acupuncture, how does it work or help?


    I hope you are feeling even an inch better having posted on this forum. Sometimes, it helps tackle the fear just to know you are not alone and people understand.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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