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    So they picked up that I have been transferring some calls back to my team when I couldve dealt with them myself. (not good, basically avoiding work) In truth I have but havent said so so far. This is the second time this has been picked up on and my manager is on holiday atm but when shes back she’s going to listen to some calls with me and basically aksing ‘what the hell?’

    Truth is: I hate my job and want to leave and honestly, yes, sometimes i have been doing this because there are some calls I dont want to handle. My boss doesnt know i want to leave though so I really dont know what to do/say. Ill probably cry and they’ll want to know whats wrong, what can they do etc etc. Ive never been in trouble before, never was at school and im scared now.

    Everyones been saying dont let your boss know you want to leave until you have a new job but i dont know if it might be a good idea as it will explain my behaviour and and how/why this has been happening.

    My other options are to own up (dont wanna be in trouble) or deny it (hard to do if there’s recorded call evidence) I dont want to be here anymore and its stressing me out


    Hello lexy99,

    Sometimes we get ourselves into a bind and don’t quite know how to make it right. I have a few suggestions, which I offer respectfully:

    1. Admit to transferring the calls and doing so when you could’ve handled them yourself. Own up to your mistake and pledge to not make the same mistake again for as long as you work there. Also admit that you haven’t applied yourself as diligently as you usually do. Why? Your manager will respect your ability to recognize your mistakes and to accept responsibility for them, as well as your sincerity in being able to be a good worker. While it’s hard to admit to doing something wrong, we honor ourselves and the people around us by being honest and sincere.

    2. Ask your manager if there’s something more you can do to atone for the mistake. Why? Again, your manager will see that you are mature enough to accept responsibility and to make things right.

    3. If you haven’t done so yet, start searching for a new job immediately. If your current job is so intolerable that you can’t be there any more, then leave as soon as possible. This may cause financial hardship along with the stress of being unemployed but you’ll avoid creating more problems for yourself at work. This is important. You don’t want a potential employer checking your work references and finding out that you have a bad work record.

    Be true to yourself and the values you hold in high regard.

    Wishing you peace and aloha,


    Hey Lexy99,

    It’s probably best to just own up to transferring the phone calls. It won’t be the end of the world if you’re honest. I know it if you did find yourself in the firing line, which isn’t anyone’s ideal, life would still go on and perhaps even be better than what your viewing this situation as now. It’s best if you do go find something else that will make you happy. I’m not sure why so many people are afraid to do that sometimes. I completely understand financial obligations; I get that, I really do. But this job that you dislike, won’t be forever and also won’t be the last job you’ll ever have. I’m currently hunting for a new job. I’ve had a lot of great interviews. I was let go from my job, and at first I was so…worried. Still am, but the majority of my perspective has changed. I was so unhappy in that job I had. The office I was in was unappreciative, and made me feel invisible. I worked very hard and was very loyal to them, but in he end they knew I was unhappy. I know now what my next job will be like. It’ll have awesome pay and make me feel happy. I’m thankful for being free from this office I was not happy in. Before all of it happened, I was looking for a new place to work. Jobs are never the end all and be all. Yes, they one of the most important things. But if you’re not happy, go find something that WILL make you happy! There’s a lot of give and take and no job will ever be perfect. But if you’re really not feeling this job anymore, make that change. I listen to this wonderful man, here’s a link:

    He’s great, and puts things in perspective.


    Thanks for your replies. I only got a chance to watch a couple of minutes of the video this morning so I’ll watch it later but I really does make sense and mirrors everything im thinking. I really do want to change and am looking for another job. Nobody should stay in a situation they’re unhappy with. Im finding everything a bit overwhelming atm which probably means that Im not putting in as much effort to the job search as I could do which is stressing me out further. If they ask I’ll stay that I have been working as well as I could and am struggling with personal issues.

    The next question is whether to wait until a new job comes along or just quit now. I don’t want to be unemployed, but i also dont want to stay in a bad situation and get more and more anxious and stressed and making myself unwell. Im sitting at my desk trying to hold back tears as i write this. At what point do you think that you should just leave and let it go without something else to fall back on?


    Hello again Lexy99,

    I can’t quite tell from your post if you’re dealing with personal issues and your job, or just the job situation itself. Are personal issues affecting you on the job or is it the other way around?

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by several things, perhaps taking a leave of absence from your job might give you time and space to look at things more objectively. If you find that the conditions at work are so intolerable that you’re stressed and anxious to the point of becoming ill, then the question to ask yourself is whether a paycheck is worth the misery. If you decide that the personal issues are interfering with your work performance, then the question becomes how to resolve those issues so that you can continue to work at your best and highest level.

    You may be feeling uncomfortable but you’re being cautious about your next move, which is a good sign that you’re doing all right. Steady on…we’re sending love and light your way!

    Warmest aloha,


    Thank you. The only issues are with the job myself and my own self doubt, anxiety about the future. I feel it is a personal issue because its nothing than my boss can for me, its my problem.

    I’m just overwhelmed and anxious about every single scenario and possibility which makes it hard to make a decision. I just know I need to make one soon. The idea of only working my 4 week notice rather than waiting for the next job which could take months is appealing. Then again months of unemployment is scary too. Have taken a walk on my lunch break to be alone but have been crying the whole time


    Ahh, I see now. Again, you’re all right and you can do this!

    The future is always uncertain. You’ve probably heard or read this before, but all we can be sure of is the present moment. We make the best decisions about the future based on what we know now and we let the rest unfold. As we continue on, we make adjustments here and there and we end up where we were meant to be.

    You’re at the doorway to a new chapter in your life, which means leaving the familiar behind. That can be scary and stressful but it’s also exciting. What good things will come your way? Fear and doubt will block your ability to see and enjoy the good. That’s no fun, so ask the fear and doubt to step to the side. You control the fear and doubt; don’t let them control you.

    Sending more love and light!


    Thank you for your kind words, it means alot. I actually told me boss earlier that I was having personal problems and that my calls will improve. He was nice actually and said not to worry, they’re trying to help. For the moment I feel better about staying until i have another job to go but Im still keen on doing it sooner rather than later

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