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    Hello Everyone,

    Hope your doing wonderful! Im writting this post because every now and again I feel this way. I have taken the past year to really think about my life. I have gotten to the point to where there isnt a lot of things left to….”accomplish” in my eyes. And So I started asking questions like “Why are we here?” And stuff like that. “Are we just supposed to work at jobs we dont like to buy stuff we dont need?” Fight club style ideas. Movie joke there. But really thats the way Im looking at things now.

    Before I was so busy trying to finish school, get a job, get married, this and that. 90 percent of all thats done. Am I supposed to just keep busy until death? How do you guys view life? Do you just keep your head down and dont ask the questions or do you view it another way? Looking forward to any and all replies.

    Much Respect.


    Hi The Thinker,

    I’m at that place now too. I’ve accomplished/amassed enough that I could “coast” if I wanted to on autopilot.

    I’m a mom, so at the end of the day it all boils down to one question: “Is everyone fed?” Yes, I mean physically. If everyone is fed, then is everyone warm enough? Do we have everything we need? (Not want, need.) Then we ask that about our friends, extended family and neighbors. Then our town. See where I’m going?

    All we can do now is help others, on some level. Even if it’s to be a Silent Witness for them while they rail against life.

    I think that’s all there is, really. And in the in between times, do things that you love. You might as well enjoy the ride!



    Funny that I came across your posting .. but I’m at the same place now. I’m a mom too, but my children are grown and moving on with their lives. Today’s mother’s day and it was a tough day. It only underscored for me how that part of my life – a life that I loved – is finished. Part of the issue is that I’m separating from my husband too. Which is a good thing. I spent 35 years in an abusive relationship. Why I ask myself? And the answer … for my children. To give them a semblance of a “normal” life. I was too busy working and trying to keep everything together for them. And now I feel like I’ve been left behind in the dust. They have partners and jobs and lives which is how it should be. I have 4 daughters and all I ever wanted was for them to be independent. And so they are. So what do I do now? Lay down and die? Nahhhh … I’m free now to pursue whatever I want to do. I’m just feeling sorry for myself tonight. I’ll take some time to just sit. Hopefully meditate. And wait for these feelings to pass.

    Thinker, you’ve asked some really good questions about the meaning of life. My answer is to keep questioning and to keep searching for that special something that lights a spark in your life. Don’t settle! There’s always something left to “accomplish” .. but that something doesn’t have to be related to money. What do you like to do when you’re not doing all those things society tells us we have to do? Sing? Paint? Dance? Play music? Work with people? Travel? Question .. always question .. that’s the only way you’ll find an answer.

    Much love and peace to you and all those who continue to search for life’s meaning.


    The beautiful thing about life is that we are always learning and experiencing. No matter how old you are you should never lose that spark to keep on learning and enjoying. Many have attributed two causes for despair in life: (1) too much life and (2) not enough life. One could also insert ‘experience’ for life in the above.

    Too much life occurs when you do too much and get burn’t out. Too little is when you are occupied with the drab routine and never try anything.

    I think you may be suffering from “not enough life.” It is easy to get tied up with a job, family, buying thins, etc. Instead, try to bring a spark and wonder in your life. Do you have any hobbies: do you do art, music, writing, reading? Do you do sports? Go out in nature or hikes? Provided you have time, and not consumed by job or family, you should try to do some of these. Even if you don’t have time, try to at least bring a sense of wonder and want to learn in your life. You are never too old to try anything, so try things out!


    I like Jordan’s answer. In another words, you’re bored.
    To answer your question “Why are we here?” – We’re here to live. But probably this is not the answer that you’re looking for. Your questions are bad formulated, probably unanswerable. “Are we just supposed to work at jobs we don’t like to buy stuff we don’t need?” – If you want yes, if you don’t want then no. – would be my answer and it is probably not what you’re looking for.
    When our minds are bored they will create things to act upon real or not real. More intelligent you are, more complex things you’ll create. Finally you’ll start creating paradoxes and unanswerable questions that goes full cycle, are really complex and serves no real purpose in your life, it just keeps your mind busy. This will consume a lot of your time and bring unhappiness.
    How do you feel when you’re dueling on those questions? How is your state? For me it used to create stress and take out focus, making me unproductive.
    Do you know the Socratic Paradox “I know that I know nothing”? How intelligent this question looks like, you can spend all your life talking about it but there is no point at all, it just goes full cycle. His mind created that argument to prove that he was the wisest man because he knew that he was ignorant while others didn’t. Well, he just proved himself more ignorant than the others also, didn’t he? Invalidating his argument. And we can go on forever…
    I think it’s also important to note that every argument that mind can create it can create a counter argument. Everything that I just wrote you can find a way to argue against. It’s the nature of an argument.
    Questions are very important but they should serve a purpose. So if the answer of the question can’t be acted upon or it’s not beneficial it doesn’t deserve my attention. That’s how I’m sharpening my logic.


    Hello Everyone, thanks for the replies! Some very interesting feedback for sure.

    Jesuanreis, Thanks for the slice of information. Very very interesting stuff, made me look at thinks differently. And your right, the “being consumed by unanswerable questions” was making me unhappy! I will take your advice.

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