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    Abraham Rodríguez

    Hello, everybody. Hope you’re doing great!

    I have a question about the mentioned topic. I’ve heard and read that is best to let my emotions flow and let them be, but since I suffer from mild depression I often find myself unable to control sad and negative feelings. I’m scared of going back to the same ‘hole’ I was in (fortunately I’ve reached out and I’m currently treating my depression).

    So, in essence, Should I let even those emotions flow? Won’t they drag me again to depression?


    If you’re not letting them flow now, what are you doing to prevent that?

    Generally its not healthy to bottle things up if that’s what you’re doing. In any case you’ll eventually need to feel them without letting them take you down. You’ll need to let them flow and know that they are just feelings and don’t have to control you. Its like having a cold where you have to wait it out. You have to realize that this is Abraham having feelings and its normal and ok and they won’t last forever even if it feels like it.

    Maybe as a test once you feel ready you can allow yourself to feel these feelings for 5 mins. Set a timer and when the 5 mins are up decide that you are going to do something happy and healthy to take your mind off your feelings. Do this until you feel strong enough to go longer and then start incorporating some thoughts about how you’re just sitting with these feelings and while they feel bad, nothing has to happen and eventually they’ll leave.


    Dear Abraham Rodriguez:

    To let your emotions flow, to accept and let them be, means to allow yourself to be sad, let’s say but to not catastrophize it in ways of thinking: this sadness will never pass; it is going to get worse. What am I going to do? I can’t handle it, etc. You let yourself be sad but know you can endure it, you can survive it. You know that the feeling will pass, change, like the weather, that you will feel better.

    I suppose letting your feelings flow means to let yourself feel uncomfortable feelings without scaring yourself and instead, feeling confident that you can endure it; that the feeling will not kill you. Knowing you survived distress before and you can survive it again. You take deep breaths, relax best you can, calm yourself, talk to yourself like you were a child that needs comfort.


    Nina Sakura

    Just wondering, how have you coped with usual “sad” emotions so far which are part of ups and down, that is, before those progress to a mild depressive phase? What type do you have? Would like to know more

    Abraham Rodríguez

    First of all thank you everybody for answering my question.

    Yes mmsmith and anita, I think I haven’t thought about being confident that I will survive those negative emotions, definitely will try to overcome then and not scare myself.

    In response to Nina Sakura… Well the coping process was… Sometimes I resorted to journaling, or poem writing, or more effectively reading and focusing on my passion on music. As the type of my depression, I really know barely about it. My psychiatrist has like a boundary and just focuses on getting me right instead of scaring me about what my illness is. It is depression as a fact, because I’m taking medication for it and also its hereditary, it runs on my Moms side. The thing that scares me the most about this type of feelings is that in the past I struggled to make them go, I only sank deeper and could barely get out. I started drinking a lot and fortunately thanks to the counseling and my Parents’ support it didn’t get worse.


    Hi Abraham Rodriguez,

    I’m not sure if you are already doing something to cope up with depression or if you are looking for some practical techniques that would bring about a change in your situation. So sharing something that I know and have used.

    It’s about ‘The Healing Codes’.

    Dr. Alex Loyd developed a technique after his wife Tracey “Hope” Loyd had severe depression for several years and couldn’t find anything to cure it.

    She speaks in this video..

    I got to know about this technique after purchasing the Healing Codes book from Amazon during my stay in the U.S. I did not practice the technique for depression, but for healing some old unpleasant memories.
    Read out the number of positive reviews on Amazon to know how it is helping people.

    Below is their official website.

    Just so that you know, I am aware of this technique and so can help you understand on how to do it whenever you are interested.


    the official website did not print on the above post…
    it is – (www)(dot)thehealingcodes(dot)com

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