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    Dear Anita

    Yes, Stephen Batchelor’s work is good. I have his book but have not read it yet. But I will!

    I think believing in reincarnation is a bridge too far for me. So is believing in a God such as in Christianity.

    Hence secular buddhism appeals as it provides a very practical way to deal with life issues and hopefully helps me become a better person in this life.

    3 days ago, I started listening to podcasts (when doing work around my home!) by Noah Rasheta in his website called Secular Buddhism . He may have founded his site after Stephen Batchelor but it does not matter. He does refer to Batchelor’s work a bit during his podcasts. Batchelor published his book “Buddhism without beliefs” in 1997. Anyway, Rasheta has a way of clarifying buddhist teachings to novices like me. In his website, you will find there is a section for people just starting out. In there are 5 wonderful podcasts. I have listened to all 5 and they are very helpful.

    I think it is good for me to have a conceptual framework where I can build from. I am hoping that Rasheta’s 5 podcasts will provide that foundation for me.

    One person who got me very interested in Buddhism is Robert Wright. He marries psychology with buddhism in a beautiful way. You can hear lots of his ideas via YouTube and also his book or course (free course in Coursera.) Like the others, Robert Wright does not believe in the supernatural aspects but uses buddhism to help others with life issues which, as you know, are often psychological.







    Dear DC:

    Reads like you are on the right path! Thank you for sharing!


Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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