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    A year ago I was hospitalized with an unknown medical disease that causes me to go blind, develop paralysis in all my limbs, affects my speech. After a month in the hospital and out patient rehab center I was sent home to learn to walk and other such task. From then on, I go through daily pain, vomiting and other issues that effect my life. I had another attack 6 months ago but i was only in the hospital for 1 week with out patient therapy. I’ve gone to many doctors and hospitals looking for answers but no luck. Even the Mayo Clinic is unsure as to what is causing all of my issues.

    Two months ago I convinced my Aunt to let a good friend of mine move into with her since he was down on his luck and she could use the rent money. Two weeks ago I got a call that he attack and raped her. This has split my family into pieces with my aunt blaming me. To be honest I feel like I deserve it.

    Then today I found out that my dad lost his job. I currently live with my parents due to my medical issues and college being expensive. We no longer have health insurance and will soon lose the house we live in. I feel horrible because my birthday is Friday and my parents told me that they have to return my gifts and we cant celebrate it this year. Ive never seen my mother cry as much as when she told me that. I understand their reasons and do not blame my parents.


    I guess im just lost, confused, angry, scarred and nothing all at once. I never really truly accepted all my medical problems and now everything feels like its piling up on me.


    Dear Alexandria:

    What an unbelievable sad story!

    How is your aunt- did she report the rape to the police, was the man arrested?

    Also, what are you and your family doing so to gather enough money to keep your home, to receive the extensive medical care that you need, to continue your college education and so forth?



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    Hi Alexandria,

    So sorry to hear your story.

    You could not foresee what was going to happen to your aunt and your motive for helping your aunt/friend was a good one.  Your aunt made her own decision on this and no-one should  be throwing this back at you.  I do sympathize with your aunt for what she has gone through and hope she can come to terms with her ordeal.

    Your father has lost his job.  Again, this is not your fault and neither is the random illness that you have been suffering from.  I do not understand why your presents need to be sent back.  Your birthday could still be celebrated.  It doesn’t need to cost money.

    I’m sure your father is quite capable of finding another job and it sounds as if everyone is over-reacting to the circumstance they find themselves in.  I really hope things improve for the family and yourself very soon.

    I would like to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.



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