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    I recently lost my career that I spent 15 years working towards due to a work related injury. My disability prevents my from working in my career ever again. The worker’s comp system is completely broken and I found myself being endlessly shuffled around in hopes I would just disappear. I have no support system and my fiance left once things started started going down. Her last words to me were that I “wouldn’t be able take care of her once married” and all this confirmed it.

    Loss of career, loss of relationship, and people who I thought were friends now ignor me. This really did a number on my self esteem and depression now has it’s tight grip on me and wont let go. Due to obvious finacial hardship I can not afford professional mental help. I will admit that my life is in pieces. So here I am, reaching out on an internet forum.

    I enrolled in school to start a complete career change. Yet my depression is really holding me back.

    Does anyone have a success story about loosing it all and recovering from it?


    it’s late but I wanted to reply
    I studied dance for fifteen years and then had a terrible car wreck. My fitness kept me unparalyzed and alive, but, there was no more dancing. I became extremely depressed and angry (my mother was high when she broke my back). It took years, therapy (some of which was comped, alot of which came from students in internships) yoga, swimming, physical therapy. But, through all of that I learned to sit. I learned tremendous amounts about the Self, and how other people’s see the life system and it’s goals. In retrospect if I had not had that accident, I would not be me. I have three great kids, a great education, and an incredible appreciation for little stuff. I love food, dancers don’t get to eat! at all! I love movies, I love books, I spend glorious time with my Self. I feel the chi in every millimeter of my body. I’ve learned over years to push it around with my mind. I changed my religion. I moved to the other coast. I moved back and forth twice. I spent a summer in Ireland with my three year old with no money and no plans. We had a blast. Find something to do tomorrow. Something you really love. Do something every day to love yourself. It’s a long road. But, it is worth travelling.


    Pick up the pieces and put it back together…you can do it…And about the friends that turned their back, atleast you now know who was worht your time and trust. Move on and build another life. I’m sure you’ll be happier one day looking back. The fruit of the struggle we do today is always sweet later… Wishing you all the luck and strength… Keep posting for all the motivational help you may need.. We’re here with you.

    To beat the depression, try and do just the things that makes you feel better, that gives you happiness.

    Bless you…


    Thank you both for taking the time to listen compassionately and put forth loving words.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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