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    I’m feeling sorry after reading this….

    It must be bothersome a lot; see if you can go and ask her all the questions you’ve in your mind. She is strong enough to close doors for you; see if you can be stronger to let those doors be open and fight for the answers you deserve. Sorry, but it makes me angry to see how people don’t value a relation, responsibilities attached to it and break it in fraction of seconds.

    I would like to share….my parents always taught me and brother to not hurt anyone and just let go off certain things. And as we learnt this, I would just suffer the bullies by my cousin and friends in school. Now that I have grown up and realised it wasn’t right, I ensure nobody else takes me for granted. It’s actually the hurt from childhood to the lessons learned from past relationships. Anyways, the point is if we let one person come and hit us and we don’t object to it, other by seeing this might do the same to us.

    Not sure, if I was clear enough to put the message across…

    Wish you all the strength, courage, wisdom and love…


    You bring up a good point. I too was raised to “be the bigger person” in difficult situations. To love unconditionally, even when they aren’t acting in a deserving way. And I believe this to be the correct way to live my life, but consequently it has put me in situations in which I have been been somewhat of a door mat. I worry this might be one of those situations. It seems today, for perhaps the first time, I am having more than fleeting moments of annoyance at the way she has behaved. This wasn’t a summer fling, we are married, and I deserved to be treated in the ways she said she would treat me or at least given some sort of explanation as to why I was being discarded suddenly. If she truly was trying to decide what she wanted, if she truly wasn’t sure and needed space to think, I am more than willing to lovingly give her the space and time she requests, but if she has decided to move on with her life and is just choosing to leave me out of that loop, then it is wrong and I deserve more respect.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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