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    So I already know that the job im in isnt my dream career, that much is certain, but Im stuck on what i do want to do. I’d quite like to move back to my uni town to get my own place etc and am currently looking for a job there but not sure what to do.

    In the background of all this though is telling my employer and getting references. My company policy is that only HR will issue work references so Im ok with this. Im not sure if a) I should ask someone in HR before naming them and b) if it will get back to my manager when they’ve had a reference call.

    Secondly, alot of jobs Ive looked at have said that they’ll contact references before offering a job. Im not 100% happy with this as Id rather it be done with the knowledge that im almost guaranteed to get the job, rather than jeopardise my current position and potentially get fired and end up with no job.

    Im thinking i might just have to accept this though and go for it or should stand firm and say please dont until you’ve offeerd me the job. Im so bad at these types of conversations as well and Im absolutely dreading having to tell my boss that I want to leave before Ive got somewhere to go to


    I’ve recently had to do some job hunting. Before I had to leave my current job, I had been looking and even had a couple of really great interviews! I never once offered or included my references. I, like you, did not want to jeopardize my position. You should still apply to whatever interests you. If you get any calls and are asked for an interview, then make sure you have your references. I found that most employers don’t need references ASAP, and some depending on your interview, won’t even ask for them. If they absolutely require you to apply with references, just add that you’ll give them upon request at the interview. It is your private information in regards to whom you would like to give you the best feedback when your supplying a name for a reference. Are they wanting to call before the interview is done, or is it just the standard after the interview? If someone really wants you to work for them, they won’t push you away with threats.

    Krista Jennings

    I totally agree with Jessica! I hope it works out well for you!


    Hi, thanks your replies. I’m putting on my applications not to contact my references before interview but I think it will be not before a job offer which is the difficult part. Not giving the details in advance is good idea but id be worried that this then makes them reject me.

    I guess you’re right in that if they want me then they’ll make am effort too

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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