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    I track my food on SparkPeople. I have about 170 pounds to lose, so taking it slow is the way to go, as much as I don’t want to 😉 Anyway, what I do is take down the allotted number of calories each week. I think I started at 2800 calories allowed per day (to maintain my current weight) and now I have taken it down to 2300. It’s nice to gradually go down, because each week gets easier.


    Hi David,
    I didn’t have any weight problems in my life but i was not fit either. For a couple of times I attempted to do fitness and tried to stick on some diets but never could actually:D for the last couple of weeks I did smal changes in my eating habits; I cut out white bread and completely went for whole grain bread and pasta
    I increased greens in my meals, almost cut all the snacks and junk foods, and the most important I reduced my portions. Generally I can say I switch my meals with their lighter and smaller versions. I already started feeling better, not because of only weight loss, I also feel much more fresh:)


    After years of not doing any daily exercise, I’ve developed a strategy for choosing physical activity over the couch.

    1. When I come home from work, I make sure I’m not ravenously hungry. This means bringing lots of healthy snacks for me to munch on during the last hour at the office and on my commute home. So I come home feeling satisfied and ready to run.
    2. I love technology and social media, so I make my exercise routine more exciting by using apps that let me track and share my progress with family and friends.
    3. I created motivation and accountability by telling my BF that if I skip my running routine for (previously established and agreed upon) unacceptable excuses, I owe him $100. This clause exploits my thrifty nature!
    4. I keep my standards relatively easy and achievable: minimum 20 minutes of activity is all I need to achieve to feel personally successful.

    I’m trying to find similar motivation to get myself to cook, period. And possibly cook healthy. I find cooking so tedious and annoying! I like the point that was made earlier to learn to cook 3 recipes off by heart, may give it a shot!


    I’m a Weight Watcher guy. 38 pounds since last November and counting. The thing I like about WW is that it is so much more about portion control (and boring stuff like eat your fruit and vegetables!). It’s really not about dieting, it’s about changing the way you eat.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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