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    I practice yoga, walking and swimming on my leisure time.


    I love running also, it is so freeing and invigorating! I hurt my heel, and I feel your frustration as far as not getting to run. It seems you never miss things as much until you can’t do them! Hope your heel got better, and you are running!!!


    I’ve always wanted to find a fitness activity that I felt mindful during. The only thing that has come close is jogging but I’m not in the best shape (I’m getting back to it) so I can’t jog long enough to truly get the feeling like I used to. I’ve tried yoga but I don’t get a sense of stillness while doing it. Now, when I workout I am pushing myself too hard to take the time to focus on how my body is moving. I transition to different exercises too quickly I think. But that’s the sacrifice you make to do Focus T25 and get fast external results, you don’t focus on the internal.


    I find that I can always find stillness in everything I do. Even if I’m moving quickly. You might try focusing on one body part throughout your whole workout. It’s a simple way to bring focus while doing alot!


    The Elliptical and house music. I get lost in the music. It’s one on the many ways I meditate.


    Swimming – hardly feels like you’re exercising and very stimulating.

    Biking – Just really helps get me in shape quickly.

    Yoga/Pilates – fell in love with them over the past few years. Can’t believe how much they help release inner energy and strengthen the body (especially areas which have been injured)

    Weight Training – Used to really enjoy it, but a bad back and lack of value placed on self-image has meant I do it more now out of connivance (easy to do at home).

    If only I had the time/money/energy to do them more instead of drinking beer and eating cakes! lol


    I love trail running the best. Although I have an annoying injury, so mostly I have to make do with bushwalking. I just love being in nature by myself. Just me, the birds, the trees, the rocks. Maybe because I’m a Taurus – an earth sign – I have to feel close to the earth in order to feel truly happy and peaceful. For me it is meditation for the soul. It recharges my batteries. I love it!

    I also compete in powerlifting because I am competitive in nature, and since I can’t race any more, lifting heavy things is the next best thing for me.

    But I couldn’t do without my outdoor adventures 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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