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    I’m having a really hard time reconciling my feelings about something that happened at work.  A coworker went to college for philosophy so I was casually asking about his thoughts on various philosophies.  It culminated in a discussion about morality and he said that he believes that “anyone who is not christian is incapable of morality” and when asked if every other culture that is not christian is incapable of morality he said “anyone who is not christian is wrong.”  The conversation ended at that point and we haven’t really spoken about anything non work related since.  This happened months ago.  I was the one asking about his beliefs.  I know many people think like this.  It’s not for me to judge what anyone believes.  It’s just that every time I look at him I think about the genocide of entire cultures because of this belief.  I find myself upset and disgusted and sometimes enraged on behalf of my ancestors.  It’s been coming out in weird ways, I’ve set boundaries with contact outside of work and I find myself acting very cold.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m upset even though I feel like I shouldn’t be.  What is the right course of action here?

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    Hi Nichole,

    You’re not required to share your coworker’s religious beliefs just as he’s not required to share yours. We’re all different, believe different things. His ego needs to be right and doesn’t want to accommodate any religious beliefs that are different from his own, but your ego is similar. You’re finding yourself upset, disgusted, and enraged because of your intolerance to his beliefs. Your ego wants to make him an enemy.

    Don’t make him an enemy. Don’t fall into the trap of having to make yourself right and him wrong. Just accept that we all believe what we believe.

    This happens with political beliefs too, the desire to make those on the other side of the aisle our enemies.

    For this reason, religion and politics are topics many people choose not to discuss.


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