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    My teacher told me I am lazy. She said it in a joking way, but she was also serious at the same time. She is the kind of teacher who just jokes around a lot even when she is talking about a serious subject. I had her 2 years in a row. She told me that I used to be one of her best students, but that I am lazy this year.

    The thing is though, I’m not lazy. I study equally as hard. I don’t know why, but this really bothered me and discouraged me. She began calling me lazy at the beginning of the year. For example, when we did an in-class assignment, I finished first. Then, she began yelling at me, asking me why I’m not writing and told me I was lazy… but I wasn’t writing because I had finished. Then, on the last day of the class, she told me (again) that I’m lazy and that I’ve gone downhill.

    I just get annoyed because I don’t get any positive feedback any more. She used to always tell me I was doing really well, but she doesn’t anymore. I study equally as hard and get the same grades. I don’t understand. Is there any way I can deal with this?

    I just had to post this because I’m trying to study for my finals tests, but I can’t stop thinking about this. It’s distracting me. I am beginning to feel like a bad student and that my hard work is for nothing since clearly my teachers don’t think it’s good enough.

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