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    Im a beginner to the meditation world and im looking for some guidance on where or how to start my journey


    Dear bbeattim:

    I recommend downloading (for free) Mark G. Williams’ guided meditation series. He is a Professor of Clinical Psychology and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry and quite an expert on mindfulness.


    Bodhi Wnaders


    We really enjoy using the app Insight Timer for our meditation. There are some great guided meditations on there that are a great entry into meditation. Just remember to focus on building a habit of it. Sit for any length of time every single day until it’s routine. It’s easy after that 🙂

    Bodhi Wanders



    our group have been using the 7am dharmarettes with Gil Frosdnal at the insight meditation centre on youtube for the last 2 years he has a clear voice and there is no background music.  wishing you all the best


    Do you ever find yourself wondering why some people seem to be naturally more successful at work than you are? Do you struggle to understand how they achieve the things they do? If I were to hazard a guess, I would say they are driven by their passions. People who are driven, or even just guided by their passions are more likely to be engaged and happy – not to mention more successful overall. In fact, one of Deepak Chopra’s seven spiritual laws of success, the law of pure potentiality, urges people to pursue their passions in order to find true success.


    Many research papers purport to support the notion that relaxation and reduction of stress that arises from mediation have prophylactic and therapeutic health effects. In this particular study, the authors concentrated on emotion-related brain activity due to the fact that other studies have shown that meditation is effective in reducing anxiety and also increases positive effects.


    I don’t know if that’s the right way to do it but I prefer doing yoga-meditation. I need the stretch and I feel accomplished by doing it, leaving me more relaxed to handle my thoughts. Also breathing exercises work well, some techniques at the end of yoga classes helped me. I don’t remember the name of the techniques but,

    * You put your finger on your left nostril and just breath with your right nostril for 4 seconds. Then you exhale for 8 seconds. This way you try to inhale the right amount of air, and exhale the right amount in 8 seconds.

    * There is also another technique I saw from Alok Kanojia’s videos on YouTube, you inhale from right nostril for 4 seconds, and exhale from your left. Then the other way around.

    These always help me feel more calm, I wish I could do them more often.


    Hello I tried many things to get where I would like to be with mediation, I’ve tried music, that’s just another form of distraction. For eight years I went regularly to yoga classes at the end of the class we lade down and relaxed and I was always fighting to stay awake, embarrassing my sister by snoring.

    Finally got the app Headspace it helped, but what I learned was some simple things, like I was trying to hard. Just let thoughts come and go, the more attention you give them the further you are from where you want to be. Most people think if they meditate something magical happens, it’s not happened to me. What I will say I love it, I get tied of my crazy mind it always seems to running at full speed and when I meditate it calms and I see my life from a different perspective.




Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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