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    Hi Silent Rossi

    I would agree, honesty and communication are important in relationships. I think a partner with those traits sounds ideal. Perhaps you are too hard on yourself and you have a better understanding of what you would like in a romantic partner than you realised?

    Regarding bullying from peers. Children and teenagers can be sociopathic. A lot of people mature in their 20s and 30s. There are some good people out there, I promise. I hope that on your quest to find a partner you meet some kind people that value compassion as much as you do.

    Silent Rossi

    Hello, Anita.

    Regarding your question, I think it would be the same for any relationship. It is the same with a few friends I made in last years. I would be a friend for them for my own sake, and I wouldn’t expect the same from them.

    I have another very old friend with unhealthy lifestyle. When something unpleasant happens in his life or he needed help, I would help. Because it is good for him and it’s good for me. It pleases me to know that at least some people get to have support that I didn’t.

    When I asked a small (but significant for me) favor from that friend, he failed to deliver. Sure enough, people might neglect others for various and valid reasons, but at least I won’t be the worse for it.

    I think self-reliance is a virtue, and that putting any trust in a person has to be a well-observed and careful affair.

    One old guru said that love is a one-way traffic, giving without expecting anything in return. Truly, I don’t know if this is my twisted version of it.

    I would be glad to continue chugging along in my own solitude, but I found out that this is not how human nature operates. And, well, we are all humans.


    Dear Silent Rossi:

    In my first reply to you, after reading your original post, I wrote that there is a simple, straightforward, bare and rare honesty in your writing that I didn’t encounter before, no wishful thinking or fantasy, no rationalizations (convenient yet untrue explanations), no efforts to make yourself look better or worse than you are, and all with a touch of decency. Six of your posts later, and I feel proud of myself for getting it right: you really are these things I mentioned in my first reply, only that I see a heavier touch of decency now than I saw before.

    Here is an amazingly honest and straightforward sentence in your recent post that sums up much of your philosophy of life so succinctly : “I think self-reliance is a virtue, and that putting any trust in a person has to be a well-observed and careful affair“. (I agree).

    I would be glad to continue chugging along in my own solitude, but I found out that this is not how human nature operates. And, well, we are all humans” – human nature is social, and there is nothing you (or I) can do to change this fact.

    In regard to the title of your thread (Not good enough for any girl)- I disagree: I think that you are more than good enough for many girls because of all that I mentioned above, your intelligence, your emotional self-reliance and one more thing: there are women who do not want to be seen or treated as sexual creatures, they want to be seen as sexless, or asexual humans, they crave it and you would be rare find for such a girl who also cares about rare honesty, decency etc.

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    Silent Rossi

    Thank you for encouraging words.

    Also I don’t think I’m asexual, I appreciate the thought.

    I have to admit, I am surprised to find the input of all three people here to be more helpful than it has any right to be.

    I’ll be on my way then. Thank you.


    Dear Silent Rossi:

    You are welcome and if you ever need to post again, on any topic (here or in a new thread), you are welcome to do so. My best wishes for you!


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