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    I have noticed a woman with a child in a stroller taking a walk in the neighborhood, drinking alcohol and smoking. I went up to her and confronted her. She told me how she was the grandmother and her son had a child and he’s only 18 and she was stressed. I told her i understand but this behavior is not good for the child. After talking to her 3 times about this, she keeps up with the same pattern. Yesterday, I saw her and she had 2 four lokos and cigarettes on her stroller, smelt and looked drunk. I walked along with her and dropped her child home. When we got there, she started pulling the childs’ leg to show me her shoes and started kicking the stroller with the baby in it. This got me upset and I was going to call 911. Her house looked broken down and she looked like a hoarder. I spoke to neighbors and they said her husband is crazy and he has guns and they don’t want to get involved. But shouldn’t this be reported? I am worried because she knows where my family and I live.


    You can file an anonymous complaint to child protective services or call the police they will take care of it.


    Hi Rachita
    well done for looking out for the child, and I believe if we see something like that, it is our moral duty to report it. That is my personal belief – especially if it is a child or an animal. – as they cannot speak for themselves, and are therefore at the mercy of circumstance.
    You are very kind, aware, and are tuned in to what is going on around you. I think you should report it anonymously to a child welfare organisation – and they will tell you who to contact,.or may pass on the details. I would keep note of the names of the people you speak to so that you can give them a follow up call.
    When we know we have done all we can, then we must have faith that it will be dealt with. By following it up with a phone call we can alert people that we are serious about makingvsure some action is put in place.
    I know it must be awful to see that. You probably want to run over and take yhe child from such a dysfunctional and neglectful situation. I feel sorry for the woman too – but the child is deffenceless and innocent so they would be my first priority.
    I hope you find the courage to do what you feel is right. Make sure you safeguard your anonymity and be kind to yourself too 🙂
    Do not worry – the authorities will hopefully be glad to help,.and charity helplines may also be a helpful resource.

    Barbs 🙂


    Thank you – I did place an anonymous report. No action has been taken. But her husband came to my store and warned me to stay away from them. He says he knows it was me. :/


    You should definitely call 911.

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