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    What silver linings have you noticed during low points in your life? I’m practicing finding blessings in hard times


    For me, I found that despair  has put me in touch with a tremendous well of compassion and understanding for others, which I never truely had before.



    Dear Shae03:

    Silver linings, blessings in hard times… often for me, there were none. Absolutely nothing positive in most of my past hard times. I suffered for decades, looking back at this point, with… nothing to show for it, so to speak.

    It is only once I persisted in the process of healing/learning, beginning seven years ago, that a hard time was also a learning opportunity. Learning, same as healing in this context, is indeed a blessing.

    I can relate to your expressed silver lining, “compassion and understanding for others”. The more I learn the more I see that I am indeed one human among millions and millions of other humans, having so much in common with all. It is amazing to me: I used to think I was a .. freak of nature, something different (and not in a good way). Well, truth is I am not that different. I am one of many. We do have so much in common.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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