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    Here is a place where people can share their fears and doubts and the steps they can take to overcome them or list fears and doubts that they have overcome. We can encourage each other and share advice.

    My fears:

    Not being able to learn the life skills I want from my parents before passing

    Not being spiritually fulfilled in life before passing

    Failing in school or taking a wrong path in life

    Won’t be able to be in perfect health

    What I’ve been doing:

    Studying and asking the teacher for help, practicing problems

    Telling my parents how much I appreciate their talents even though they can be overly critical of me at times

    Meditating and working out to be healthy

    My doubts and Insecurities:

    I’m not good enough compared to my friends

    I’ll never be as skinny or as athletic as them.

    People being judgmental about me

    What I’ve been doing:

    Eating healthy, playing sports, doing yoga

    Building my self-esteem by taking a public speaking class and also telling myself that I should listen to negative opinions of others

    Discovering the talents they have and also appreciating my own and learning some of their talents and working together

    I have become more confident about standing up for myself and more outgoing in meeting new people, yet I can still be critical of myself and sometimes beat myself down for all the things I wish I knew. i am starting to be more positive and can laugh at my mistakes and i try not to let people’s criticism bring me down even though there are times when it can be hard.


    Dear Shirley:

    I like how organized you laid out this topic, excellent job I say!
    * My fears: I fear that I overeat, that I am overweight, death, illness, injuries, paralysis, rejection, fear.
    * What I’ve been doing: eat less, exercise (average of 7 miles per day walking, sometimes even nine), mindful/attentive so to prevent possible accidents when walking, when handling a knife in the kitchen, when exercising, etc., risking rejection instead of avoiding interactions with people.
    * My doubts and insecurities: that i said the wrong thing, made a mistake.
    * What I’ve been doing: notice when I fear I said the wrong thing, go over what I said, figure out if I said something really wrong, correct or let go if I figure it was simply an understandable imperfection on my part, when making a mistake I make a mental note about how to do something better next time and let go the best I can.

    Again, excellent topic: listing one’s fear AND what one does about them. The second part is most important!



    anita, i agree with your fear of saying the wrong thing, sometimes i worry about coming on too strong or being too vague when i try to talk to people especially the guy i really like. i worry he will judge me and i tend to be worried about my weight, my body. i also worry death, but to me it is not the end of life, but a rebirth to a higher state in reincarnation. however, i do fear not being spiritually fulfilled, not fulfilling my purpose and truly living life more than i fear death, i don’t want to go through life with sadness and sorrow and being criticizing, but i want to experience all that i can and cultivate love and learn as much skills as i can so i can truly live.



    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    You are headed in the right direction and very empowering what you wrote. I really like how you wrote about being “confident and positive.”

    You don’t need to be really skinny, athletic ect for people to like you.

    People will love you for you. Regardless of all those thing.

    There’s a healthy balance of constructive criticism, when and if you are asking for it, that the individual that is giving it to you should have.

    Once agin, thank you for sharing 🙂

    Lots of love, positivity and light your way.



    Thanks elle;) i agree that constructive criticism can be helpful, but parents always see so many inadequacies about me such as that i’ve got my head in the clouds even though i try really hard in school. they tell me that i’m still not healthy even though i try to meditate and be healthy.


    Wow seven years have passed since I posted in this topic🥺

    I went to a nurse practitioner in 2018 who helped me work on building my nutritional health. 2019-2020, I had nutritionists and counselors helping me work on workouts and meal plans. I think that 2022 and the start of 2023 being at stockton I’ve grown and healed lots from things.


    Hugs all, reminding you all that you’re special 🧡

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