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    Hi everyone, i am new to this site. I am recovering from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). I am experiencing a life i couldn’t have dreamed of before treatment. I have spent 98% of my life being miserable and have tried many suicide attempts. I am now through my treatment and am choosing to live a positive, happy life. I am trying to be good to my body after years of treating it terribly. Anxiety plays a large part in BPD and it is something i continue to struggle with most days. I don’t usually have a big panic attack, i just notice i am a little anxious at times. I am starting to do yoga on thursday this week. I am wondering if the level of peace you feel can increase?
    It’s taken me a very long time to get to a point where i understand the term acceptance fully, i don’t push away my emotions. I am able to sit with them and feel them and let them go. But yet i still struggle. This tells me there is more work i can do to achieve peace. I figured i would try yoga and see if that is something that will help me progress to a more peaceful state. I know about Mindfulness Meditation, as that was part of the therapy i received while in treatment. So i am used to having to focus. I would love to know your thoughts, how you progressed with peacefullness in your life, or how yoga helped you etc. Many thanks for reading this and taking the time to respond <3


    There’s a facebook page called “buddhism – path to peace”

    you can like it and you can get very insightful thought quotations from great spiritual leaders.

    My recommendation for you to bring peace of mind is – Help anybody every chance u get though it’s animal or human. Just provide with any help u can afford to offer.

    I’m also recovering from mild anxiety and Guilt like symptoms and after coming to know about the buddhism, there has been a vast difference in my personality and wisdom.

    good luck with your recovery




    In addition to Sarbagya’s thoughtful advice (generosity being a key to joy) also consider that when we are giving to everyone, we must include giving to ourselves. Skillful giving is an art, but so rich with nourishment it is well worth practicing. For instance, giving ourselves nurturance is very nourishing to our inner peace and balance. However, nurturing with violent TV shows or video games, for instance, is perhaps not as skillful as nurturing with yoga.

    To bolster the sense of inner peace consider taking up a metta meditation practice. Metta is a feeling of friendly warmth for all beings, and greatly reduces mental agitation (such as delusion, entanglement, anxiety etc). YouTube “Sharon guided metta meditation” if you’re interested. It helps us to become more gentle, softer in our giving, as though we are tending a small child’s scraped knee… comforting and helpful at the same time.

    With warmth,


    Thank you for the advise, i shall try to follow up with your recommendations.

    Sarah Fish

    I have started colour therapy, (i downloaded a free app on my phone). It gives me somewhere else to turn my mind when stressed. I have an illness that causes anxiety and anxiety like symptoms. You can choose a colour and associated mantra for the day and everytime you see the colour, (some leople wear it) the positive mantra/saying pops out at you… one more tool for the box.

    Good luck, its great to hear you have come so far already. Awesome. Xo


    First of all, yes, you have done GREAT so far!

    I have been dealing with PTSD for some time now–it’s very similar to BPD. I’ve done a lot of things, as needed. I started with subliminal videos and audios, just to beat down the “demons.” Then, a lot of Thich Nhat Hanh’s exercises (get his book on fear–I highly recommend it!). I love mindful breathing, as I have a tendency to overthink and my mind loves to just rest. Walking and taking pictures (to help me look for beauty), and saying mantras while walking (my favorite: There is always a path. I can not fail. I will not let fear blind me to how powerful I am.”) has also helped. I also wrote down every bad thing I thought about myself, and rewrote it in the positive, as affirmations.

    Oh, and cognitive-behavioral therapy has helped tremendously.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!

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