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    Dear Joe:

    The ghosts from the past: some of them live with us (your dad handing you the phone), some of them ring the house phone (this person, most recently), and many still speak to us in between their reappearances in our lives, we hear their voices, their messages in our brains.

    It sure helps to physically get away from the physical ghosts from the past, it helps with the healing from their harmful messages, a process we might take on. If we don’t heal, we will keep hearing their messages, imagine others are repeating their messages when they are not (inaccurate projections) or hear those messages replayed in our brains as our thoughts drift.



    I read the thread your poems are great but one thing which annoys me is that why why why why and whhhhhhhyyyyyy people think men who cook or do sent like sports or action movies are not men enough it makes me so angry with this ideology how can you judge a man based on his likes I know some great men who are great cook or very sensitive or who don’t like sports and they are many enough……pathetic….


    Dear Hopefaith,

    People perceive things differently. That’s just how it is. Some people find that manly, others do not.

    Personally, I completely agree that a man who can embrace the latent feminine part of himself with confidence and strength is more manly than one who is afraid of being seen as less than masculine. Like cooking or doing facials with his partner or is into yoga (which is totally not even a feminine practice but western minds think it’s silly).



    who would have thought
    that which you
    curse me with
    who would have thought
    that you
    stifling my every word
    silencing me
    speaking for me
    who would have thought
    that all along
    you were giving me
    you were teaching me
    my greatest gift
    my greatest lesson
    and though
    i’ve lost my way a few times
    i realised
    that the silence
    you condemn me with
    is the greatest power
    at my arsenal
    at my disposal
    there are
    lots of things
    i want to say,
    i could say
    given the chance
    but i’ve decided
    not to
    i will just sit back
    like the quiet child
    you think i am
    you can talk
    as much as you like
    i am not in competition
    with you anymore
    you can say your precious words
    if that’s what you want
    you can decide
    all you like
    because you will never know
    you can try
    to provoke a reaction
    to worm your way in
    so arrogant
    to assume that
    you think
    you can speak the truth of another
    you can speak the truth for another
    i will just smile
    because you will never know
    you can be caught up
    in your illusion
    in your delusion
    you can point fingers
    you can tell your version of events
    but all i will do
    is look at the one
    who points the fingers
    i lusted for revenge
    to get even
    to speak uninterrupted
    to let you know
    to expose you
    but you can expose yourself
    maybe i knew
    all along
    that to speak
    that to talk
    that to idle chit-chat
    is to give away
    your power
    and my power
    is not your’s for the taking
    without further ado
    i bid you adieu
    i wish nothing more
    than the best for you
    i wish
    that you get all of the good things
    that one can get in this life
    the only thing you will never have
    are my words
    my songs
    my power
    my truth
    my attention
    my thoughts
    my energy
    my soul
    you can keep all the ugly rotten ones
    that you’ve already got.

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    Dear Joe:

    A pleasure to read one more of your poems. You sure have a way with words, skillful, talented, a delight to hear in my mind’s ear, as I read it. You wrote about revenge before and I like this revenge:

    “the only thing you will never have
    are my words
    my songs
    my power
    my truth
    my attention
    my thoughts
    my energy
    my soul”-

    It  felt empowering to me, reading this.



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