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    I don’t want to bring anyone d own so will try and keep this positive.  I live in South-East Australia.  Due largely to climate change and politics, our world is changing, and I’m needing to ma k e changes to my lifestyle.

    Firstly, due to climate change, scientists have predicted a rise in skin cancers in Australua.  I live in part if the country which has extreme weather and practically all of the elderly people in the town I live in have sun-damaged, and most over 80 have skin cancers. They are from a generation which didn’t use sunscreens. (I didn’t use them until my teens when I would go to the beach and lay in t he sun ALL day to get a suntan).  NOW I AM USING SPF50 EVERY DAY.  I COVER MY NECK WITH A SCARF WHEN I AM IN THE SUN OR DRIVING. THIS WEEK MY POLARISED DRIVING AND OUTDOOR GLASSES WILL ARRIVE.

    We are quite stunned to learn that Japanese Mosquito Encephalitis has moved from th e most northern part if the country to the region I live in. There has been one death not far from wh were I live.  A baby in the regional centre where I work is intensive care having contracted it from a recreational centre around a dam I sometimes visit.

    I went to the store  this morning and got highest strength Deet personal insect repellent spray and mosquito coils

    Somebody where I work has COVID, and we are in Tier 3. All having to test daily and wear PPE.

    Good prices and gas ate rising.  Gas is presently $2.15 per LITRE. Fortunately, my car us one if the most economical to run.

    My modest home is my little palace, and I’m going to put in more effort to make it a peaceful and safe sanctuary for myself and lived ones.

    Anyone else doing similar.  My dearest friend predicted this and she grows her own vegetables and fruit.


    My wife has predicted dire situation ahead and has planted many vegetable seeds to hedge against the coming summer time grocery prices. I personally hope for better but with war in Russia and other world news, I thinks she has a point. So, it is do not argue with the wife and help around the house as much as possible.


    I think growing vegetables is a good idea.  I would like to plant just a couple more trees but need to select carefully as I do have a couple planted way before I was here which are too large.

    I’m thinking about some more Crepe Myrtle trees on the sunny side of the house as they lose all foliage in winter buy provide shade in summer. They seem to grow well here. There is also a type of fruit – I’m trying to think of its name that grows well here.  Yyou have to cook it for it to be edible. Looks a little like a cross between an apple and pear. Beautiful with vanilla ice cream.


    The fruit is called Quince.  You can make jams and spreads from it. Giws perfectly here.


    Hi HoneyBlossom!

    I didn’t realise that skin cancer would be a side effect of global warming. It does make sense! Thank you for your sharing. I’m glad that you are taking steps to protect yourself.

    In my area, food prices have increased, produce from the supermarket goes bad within a couple of days. This never used to happen, which leads me to believe that food is being stored to near the end of it’s shelf life before being delivered to stores. Often, the store runs out of chicken and brown bread. The food shortages are mild at the moment. Farmers are announcing that food prices will rise again as they rely on energy to farm.

    Energy prices have doubled here, 1/3 of households are so poor they meet the definition of living  in poverty and 1 in 10 people access food banks.

    I think that growing your own produce is a great idea to manage difficulties. I have noticed that chickens are becoming very popular pets.

    I have been learning about foraging. There are lots of plants that are edible, but classed as weeds. I was surprised to learn this. I live by the coast and I was curious one day. I thought the Japanese are fond of seaweed. I wonder if other varieties are edible. It turn out that some are if you learn to prepare them.

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    Thanks Helucat.  Yes the skin cancer has always been a problem where I live.  Summers can be brutal.  I’m in the south but not in a coastal region.  There is snow in winter sometimes half an hour from where I live but we are in a valley so don’t generally get snow but heavy frosts through winter.  Autumn and spring are nice though.

    Interesting that you say that about foraging.  As I don’t know a lot about credible wild plants here, will hold off but I know there is a native fruit in the far north called Kakadu Plum which has the highest concentration of Vitamin C than any other fruit in the world. You can buy it in capsule form, but it’s expensive. Surely we must have edible natives here.  The quince grows so well as do roses and yet NO rose farms.

    Its really easy and cheap to buy free range eggs here as so many people keep poultry.  I have an elderly neighbour who dies deliveries on his electric trike!



    Helucat, so sad about people struggling with food.  I have only had to go to a food bank once.  That was at the beginning of the pandemic when I lost the pathetic job I had through COVID, but fortunately, I got a much better job a few months later.

    I was thinking also about how COVID has changed our lives so much. We had a lot of lockdowns here though it’s open now. Even though we still have COVID, so mn any people are against lickdowns because of the financial stresses.

    It bothers me that there is COVID in my workplace.  I have felt very angry about that these last few days as I blame the worker who brought it here (though I keep that to myself), and this is having an impact on the lives of clients and workers. I’m angry because I believe she has lied about a couple of issues- saying her husband is on his deathbed with emphysema so she has received exemptions from working sleepovers, and I have had to pick some of hers up.  When she was found to have COVID, she admitted to travelling with her adult daughter around 2,000kms so was a couple nights away and claimed it was to attend a funeral.  I think she is lying – and the point for me is that we can’t know how responsible others will be. For me, it stresses the importance of hand washing, masks and social-distancing.  The scientists are saying that there will be other illnesses to come which will require similar measures.

    As well as the financial strains many people have experienced, it’s place an overwhelming stress on the m rental health system and people’s emotional well-being. For me personally, I have coped better than most despite living on my own without family close by.  I couldn’t see my only song For 7 months because of the pandemic.

    I think we are going to have to a adapt our lifestyles and expectations to develop resilience and be happy.


    Something else too which I think is important – having strong volunteering organisations who can provide support with natural disasters. We haven’t been affected in this state by the recent devastating floods, but our towns volunteers have recently travelled interstate to the flood areas to help.  Fortunately, the army is now also involved.

    Because of our irresponsible govt who had cut funding to fire services, without support from volunteer firefighters, the fires would have been even worse. We have a great CFA in this town, but with forests surrounding us, if we can, we need to get out early when fires come close.


    Hi HoneyBlossom!

    I empathise with your difficulties due to COVID, at work and with self-isolation. It sucks when you have to cover someone else’s work. I hope you are being compensated fairly for it.

    In my country they have removed many restrictions. Masks are no longer necessary for the public, they are phasing out COVID testing too. I disagree with this as there are many high risk members of the population.

    I find it interesting how different people, high risk individuals included have chosen to handle the situation in different ways.

    My high risk family members have chosen self-isolation as their preferred method to avoid catching COVID. My high risk friends have chosen not to self-isolate. Best I understand it, it the choice comes down to a fear of death vs a fear of not enjoying life. I think it is a difficult and very personal decision.

    It is shocking to learn about the cuts to fire services that your government has made when the issues of fires are so well known. Thank goodness for the volunteers stepping in to contribute! I wish you well and I hope for the best possible outcome with the fires.


    Thanks so much Helacat.  We had a very wet summer so no fires.  Such a relief but severe flooding in other states.

    A third person at work has now been tested as positive to COVUD – a 91 year old client. I’m testing myself everyday and so far, so good. I’m wearing my mask when I go to the shops, and glad as told as y was announcement of substantial increase in Omnicrom.

    I’ve been really busy today giving my kitchen añd walk-in pantry a really good clean. I certainly have a lot of tinned food.  I think I should give most of it away.


    My son phoned me today.  He lives in a very large city around 350kms away, and nearly always calls me once a week.  He and his partner have been looking at small 2 bedroom dwellings to buy, and even a small 2 bedroom on a shared block sold out for $900,000. It’s so disheartening for young people.  If I had to enough money to become a property developer, I would find a way to build nice affordable dwellings.

    My son said how he envied my generation, and especially for the way we were able to live as children with a lot more freedoms than children today.  I think generally that us true.  I told him how the reason I moved  to this small timeless town was because it v reminded me of some parts – good parts of my childhood.


    Last night I  had a bad nightmare, and I’m sure it was because of a news article I saw on the death of a child in Ukraine.  I dreamed that my son was around 11 and we were at this place where  there was a large railway station with many people.  There were fields around the station as far as U could see.  I  became smear aa red from my son and was searching frantically for him.  The last train to take us home was pulling into the station. I knew I would not get on it without him, and had a strong sense we were in danger.


    Merry Christmas, HoneyBlossom!


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