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    I have been reading the article ‘Forgiving and Letting Go When You Feel Resentful’ by Robert King and feel im going through the same thing. I feel sad and alone and there is no one to tell me that everything is gonna be ok. Im 28 and i still dont have a boyfriend yet and im starting to think there is something wrong with me but when i asked my close friend she suggested that my ring of friends are too small and i need to be socially active, however, i dont feel confident and confortable doing so. Please advice on how to overcome social fear and way to find more friends.
    Thank you


    HI Danna,

    I can advise you on two different things to try depending on whichever is more in your comfort zone. If you are comfortable meeting people online you can do the online dating thing and try a site like http://www.pof.com/

    The other way to go would be to register for a site like Meetup.com. You can find people interested in different activities like biking, hiking, meditation etc… whatever your interests might be. And that is a great way to make your circle of people you know bigger and meet more people who you may like to date.

    Give it a try 🙂


    Hi Joseph,

    Thank you so much for your suggestion. I explored the two sites you suggested. Meetup.com seems interesting and i’m planning to register there however, i’m not so comfortable with online dating mainly because I dont know how genuine they are. In your opinion is online dating safe?
    Thanks again


    Online dating is pretty main stream these days. I suggest trying it out. You don’t have to give out any of your information unless you are comfortable. And of course if you don’t know someone I’d meet in public or take a friend along.

    For now if you like the meet up idea go with that. Talk to some of your friends about their thoughts on online dating as well, I’m sure some must have some experience.


    Hi Danna,

    I did the online dating thing for years and I found that for me, the process was most effective and comfortable on the sites where you have to pay for access. That isn’t always the case (my brother has a ton of female friends who met their husbands on OKCupid for example) but if it’s safety you’re worried about (I know I worried about that too) make the meetings a gradual process (i.e. email, then text, then phone calls, then meeting in a public place like a coffee shop).


    Hi Jade,

    Like Joseph suggested I asked around and most successful ones are from the pay for access sites.
    Thank you for sharing your experience I really appreciate it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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