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    Hi everyone!

    I don’t have a personal question this time, I was just curious how everyone was getting on with their life? It’s February and many people often do new years resolutions [I personally don’t like them, but I do set goals throughout the year] so I was just curious how everyone’s year is coming along?

    Mine so far is great, I got this amazing apartment I’ll be moving into in March, and I just had an interview I feel went really well. Never thought I would be excited to work at a Starbucks, but I really love being a barista, and it’s a real mood boost for me to work with other people. On top of that it’s a short bus ride away [15 minutes by bike] so it would be so awesome if I get it. Compared to this time last year I feel so much better.

    I also wanted to thank TinyBuddha, the past couple weeks the articles posted always seem to line up perfectly with what I was going through and it helped keep my spirits up.

    Still have some work to do involving emotional growth, but, it’s only February after all.

    Hope everyone’s well.


    I love this post! It’s so positive. So much on here is about tough spots in peoples lives (which I am a complete advocate of — I love how supportive this community is), however I also think its necessary to recognize the positive things in our lives πŸ™‚

    In terms of new years, I also gave myself a few goals this year. Mainly: get a job I love, find a place to live near said job, form a stronger bond with my boyfriend and become more confident. On New Years Eve I was called by my recruiter telling me I got my dream job and would start in a week. Less than a week later I found a house 7 minutes from work with 3 awesome roommates and an adorable puppy (I love animals so I’m pretty excited). My self-confidence still has a long way to go, but I’m slowly getting there! And every day my boyfriend and I feel more connected πŸ™‚ So far a pretty good year!

    Hope to hear other success stories!!!


    Dear Nekoshema:

    How exciting! You working as a barista: it always seemed to me like a job I would love to have! keep posting. My year so far is fine and dandy, thank you.



    Hi Nekoshema,

    That is indeed a positive post, nice to read!
    Exciting to move into an amazing apartment, how is it going there?
    And how did it go with the interview, did you get the job, and are you liking it?
    It also sounds like a nice job to me, I love the smell of coffee and to let people enjoy a relaxing moment for themselves or with friends/family… I am actually also thinking to do a barista course to be ablo to find a job in a nice coffee bar.

    Still have some work to do involving emotional growth, but, it’s only February after all.

    But, hey, it’s life after all, I think we might always find ways to work on ourselves with emotional growth.
    Ok, you problably mean that you still have some issues you want to deal with, but I’m sure you get there, how are you doing with that?

    We are now over the half of the year, but, never too late for resolutions and changes, is it?
    For me, I have also a lot of work involving emotional growth on many different ways, finding out what I want to do with my life, find a way to settle down, find a place to live again and a way to earn my money without making myself crazy, finding friends, and many other things.
    But the resolution that I am trying to follow now, I am trying to do on a smaller level. Little things might make a profound base for something better, and might add up to a bigger change, something like that, I don’t know.
    One of my main difficulties, is that I find it hard to look after myself, with which I mean, making time for myself, to just relax, or to do things that I enjoy, or to do things that help me to learn.
    So, thanks to a conversation with a kind person, and his suggestion, I make a goal to spend 20 hours per week on doing that kind of things. I plan on a number of things, for example this number of hours reading in this book, or in that, this amount of time to spend in walking outside and learning from nature, learning new plants etc, to watch a movie (it is even hard to make time to watch a movie just to spend 2 hours to enjoy myself), etc. At the moment I come from a time where I was very exhausted, and with way too much emotions, and as a result my mind is messed up, I am finding it hard even to focus on reading a novel, so I plan more time for that, just to read to relax and enjoy the story.
    I have so much time at the moment, and never even get to 20 hours per week. It is a hard habit to break. But I keep writing my goals, and keep writing each day what I have done from it. It might take a while before it is easy to spend that time on myself, but I will get there.
    It might seem silly, something so simple. But with so much anxiety and self-sabotating and self-neglect, I think it is one of the most important resolutions for me at the moment. Teaching myself the habit of doing good things for myself, conditioning myself to learn that that helps me to feel better and relaxed. And other challenges, like I listed above, might be helped hugely from learning this.

    How are other people getting on with their resolutions, if you have any?

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