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    I am torn between two job offering:

    Safe routinary and repititive job at big company with high salary. I like this but I feel like no growth will happen to me.


    Not as high salary with the other one, in a medium scale company. I like this as well because I know I learn a lot and since this job involves travelling, It is an opportunity for me to go to different places. The challenge here is dealing with difficult people.

    Which should I choose? Greatly appreciated your advices. Thank you! 🙂



    Dear Veronica:

    From what you described about the two jobs, I would choose the second if the pay is enough for me to live on.




    Hi veronica
    According to me you must choose the second option . though its a lesser salary option but you meet different people you’ll travel . And so you’l learn more. And growth always comes with learning. cConfidence always comes with learning. And dealing with different people is only a challenge till the time you keep thinking its a challenge otherwise its more fun .
    Just go for it. And choose the 2nd choice.
    And believe in yourself that you have taken the right choice.

    Will wait for your decision 🙂

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    @anita, it is enough for me to live on but not as high as the other one. Most of my friends would pick the 1st one since it pays high but I don’t like to be stagnant. Anyway, Thank you for answering 🙂

    @mishika, i totally agree with you. I think I should think of it as enjoyable rather than challenging.

    Beforehand this post, I choose the 2nd one. Still, it pays when someone agrees with you. Thank you all! 🙂




    Congratulations on your decision. Just out of curiosity, now that you’ve taken the position, what are the two jobs? You don’t have to mention company names but I’m wondering what the actual work for the two positions are.

    I personally would have taken the higher salary and saved up the money to create a business that contained the elements of option #2 that you favored. That way you would have the adventure and you would be your own boss.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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