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    Hello Everyone,

    This post is just a shout out to everyone on here that selflessly help other people in need! What a beautiful place to come when feeling alone, sad, happy in whatever emotion you are feeling! We are so so lucky that there are still wonderful people out in the world.

    My shout out is to Ms Anita, who has helped me countless times and who selflessly spends hours of her time in helping nealry everyone on this site.

    Again thank you so very much for being my angel in the darkest times.

    People, write down your own shout outs to people who have helped you 🙂

    Blessings x


    I agree. Anita and Eliana are really here to help people out…I am amazed by their help 🙂


    Dear Alexandra:

    Thank you for the shout. I appreciate it. I do want to correct one thought though: I am not here selflessly. Not selflessly at all. I am here to learn, to help myself. I am motivated to help others as well but I am aware of how little help I can provide.

    I am very humble, extremely humble, really, regarding the help I can provide here, or anywhere. The reason I am so humble is because as I suggest things here, I know that I cannot reach out an invisible arm into the screen and touch the brain of the one reading my input, and make his/ her anxiety and distress go away forevermore.

    Unfortunately, I cannot do it in person, when the person is in front of me. I can suggest all I want, be as insightful as can be, point to things not considered before, but I can do nothing about the anxiety. It is the anxiety that drives people to not act effectively, not lack of intelligence.

    Again, thank you Alexandra.



    Dear Anita,

    Well whatever you do is helping others and thats what the shout out is here for, but yes you are right we should all be here to help and learn and motivate one another 🙂



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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