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    If there is ignorance among us as you claim, perhaps you can use that perceived ignorance to offer a positive alternative in seeing things. Any one of us would more than welcome that. If you believe that our intention here is to get involved in “spiritual play-acting” as you call it, perhaps you can offer an objective, honest interpretation of what is going on here rather than misconstrue it as a person attack on you, which by the way it is not. What is offered here at Tiny Buddha, is neither a play nor acting. Your reaching out to the selfless members has always been welcomed here. Your reaching out to these very members here have offered kind words with hope and love, only because they have opened their heart and soul to you as they always have, without prejudice.

    Tiny Buddha will continue to open their hearts and souls to anyone asking for advice. Some of those asking for help will adopt it in such a way that will help them in loving ways. Some will put some of that advice on hold to think about the meaning and how it can be useful to whatever is creating an unbalance in their life. Others may take portions of all advice given and use each piece as a puzzle that will solve whatever disturbs them. Others may outright reject some of the advice, and will do so graciously without the hostility that you are so prepared to resort to. You certainly have the choice to use hostile reactions. However, those types reactions are not only your free choice to make toward those trying their best to understand you and help you, they are also a clear picture of who you are inside yourself. The amount of anger and pain inside you has got to be consuming something so very kind in you, yet feeding those monsters will only make them grow and isolate you.

    The troubles you continue to suffer are well beyond the scope of what we, the members of Tiny Buddha, can offer. There is no reason for me to believe that you are not aware of the myriad of professional help available to you. I do think that professional help is something you fear because it CAN help liberate you from what is consuming you in such a painful way. It is easy to remain attached to the familiar. But when change can liberate someone from the very pathology you have suffered for so long, that change can become foreign to you, perhaps scary. If you believe that there is no need for you to change, then be prepared to know that you cannot learn. It is with great hope that you realize that you are stronger than you now and face your demons and let the better person overcome those demons.

    Best of luck

    Pearce Hawk



    I fail to see how we are ignorant when we have no empirical experience of light workers or kundalini. I am not dismissing your posts or your claims at all – I have not experienced the things you have, I am not a lightworker and I don’t know a lot about kundalini; I have read about it a few times but not enough to warrant becoming an expert on the subject, and I have never had any firsthand experience with it either. Despite my lack of knowledge or firsthand experience, I have always read your posts with fascination and kept an open mind; and no, open-mindedness doesn’t mean I instantly believe in everything I read, it means I am open to the possibility of it being true but still being sceptical. Not everybody will believe what you believe and you can’t seriously expect somebody to automatically believe your claims. So that makes me and everybody else here on TinyBuddha ignorant?

    Other members such as PearceHawk and Anita have tried their best to help you and give you the best advice they possibly can, and when they haven’t been able to provide you with definitive answers you just throw it back in their face. When nobody responds to your posts (probably because we don’t have the answers to your problems) you just respond back with hostility. Yes, some people do come to Tiny Buddha for relationship advice because we are better equipped to give advice on relationships. That’s because relationships are important to everybody. Why are other peoples relationship problems any less important than your problems?

    Spirituality is a subjective thing for everybody and it’s a personal thing for different people. Everybody follows their own path at their own pace, you don’t get to tell other people that they are “spiritual play acting”.

    I don’t know what you are looking for here on the forums but I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear, I’m not going to pretend to be a lightworker, I’m not going to pretend that I have all the answers and I’m not going to give you help or advice when it’s out of my expertise. I hope you get the help and answers to your problems that you need because I am unable to provide those for you.

    All the best




    Goodbye. Best of luck in your travels.


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