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    Hi everybody,

    (I hope is the right forum section)
    today I went to the yoga center close to my house. Very pleasant and cozy place. I asked some basic questions and I think I can start for the first lesson next week (already!).
    Yoga is completely a new world for me, although I knew tinybuddha for a long time…I mean, through tinybuddha I’m more familiar with yoga, but I don’t have friends which practice it.

    Any advice?

    The teacher told me to use light colors cotton clothes, for the “material”part.
    I feel a little dumb to be anxious about it, but the type a student inside of me wants to be over prepared to the first lesson, ahhahahah.


    I started going yoga a few years ago. And I honestly really need to get back into it. It really helps me find some calm within me. As far as the clothing goes, I always wear what is most comfortable. I don’t like to wear t-shirts because they always seem to be too baggy and I’m always trying to pull them back into place when doing poses. My main advice is to not be nervous about your performance at all. It’s not a competition with the teacher or person next to you. You are taking yoga to focus on yourself so don’t worry about anyone else.

    I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    Nikki Dias

    As an exercise teacher and someone who has enjoyed yoga classes for years the only other thing I would add is not to be intimidated if the teacher corrects your posture during the class. They will be wanting to check you are stretching correctly so that they can ensure you won’t do anything that could injure yourself. A good teacher will also have asked you lots of questions about your health and exercise history so that they can check whether there are any exercises that will be particularly good for you or any that you should avoid.

    Alexey Sunly

    One of the lessons in Yoga is to let go of any and all expectations and learn to trust your teacher. I would suggest to make sure that your instructor is overqualified, rather than you overprepared.

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    I have been practisng yoga for 5 years, it’s a very good exercise, i love it so much. I just put on sports wear during the yoga lesson,the materiais of the clothing should be comfortable. There are some obvious effect seen after practising yoga, the pain is lessen during the menstrual period, the body figure looks much better than before, or looks very firm. During the yoga, especially in the beginning, whenever the poses make me feel painful, i wiill quit doing it , as wait for the next poses, as i do not want press myself too much. As time goes by, you will be able to do many poses, even the difficult ones. just don’t give yourself too much presssure, it’s just a body exercise, but patience is needed, as it will take time for you to see the result.


    Thank you all <3
    All the answers are so helpful!

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