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    To All Of You Who Are Dealing With A Breakup,

    You are not alone. I too am struggling with the loss of a 7 year relationship. I have good days and bad. I have days where the weather is bright and sunny and days when there crazy thunderstorms. I’m on the journey of purging, finding and keeping self-worth and happiness, making my own life, and positive self talk. In that comes hard work and it’s not easy, nothing in life is. I have moments of strength followed by the reality of weakness. You are not alone! Keep pushing through! I’ve decided to reward myself for making no contact with the ex for 2 weeks by going on the 2 night vacation the ex and I were suppose to go on tomorrow. I realize, I deserve to go. Everyday that passes no matter how hard or easy I get stronger and so will you, I promise. Here’s to letting wounds heal and avoiding the itchy scab and scratching it off! I am making room for Mr. Right, giving love and creating the new life I want for myself. You all deserve the best and you’re not alone no matter how low you are feeling! Much love, Lindsay


    Wonderful words there. Yes – hopefully the journey that you are undertaking is for your own sake – to relieve your own suffering – and to be a beacon of light for those in your life and not simply in order to make room for “Mr. Right”. Because Mr. Right might never show up, or he might not even exist! Nothing is guaranteed except suffering, and the end of suffering – which the Buddha taught. If you open yourself up to receive self-worth and happiness you will attract in kind and find yourself being greeted by those who are filled with the same qualities. Like attracts like! There is no limit to the amount of happiness you can embody. Do not squelch it by holding out for Mr. Right. Plow right ahead and if he wants to show up – nothing will stop him from finding you. But you cannot rely on it. Here there is attachment and therefore suffering.

    Anyway, enough of that. Have a good time and bask in the enjoyment of your own strength and healing on this journey. You do deserve it. Thank you for sharing.



    YAY!!! This post fills me with such hope! I am going on a little over 2 weeks post break-up. We were together for over 2 years. Damn…I miss him terribly and am trying to just get through each day. The pain still lingers…and I almost cried in Trader Joe’s tonight…something reminded me of him and I almost lost it. I too am digging deep…taking this break up as a lesson. I have pretty good self esteem and want to make sure that I really nuture myself right now. My thought is that God took him out of my life to bring me someone better. In time though…the thought of dating right now makes me sick to my stomach. I am so glad you are going on that vacation! You do deserve it! And thank you for this hopeful post!!



    Hi. I too am going through a break up, it is tough but it does get easier with time. Much love to you all xx.


    Thank you for this 🙂 When going thru a heartbreak one often feels like nobody understands or we feel left alone to pick up the pieces. Enjoy your trip 🙂



    It is for my own sake. Last time I broke up with my ex I started dating within a month and ignored feelings and put myself on a wrong path. This time I want to process the pain and evolve from this. I need to grow, I must, for me, not for Mr. Right, for myself. I don’t want the same relationship cycle with someone else to happen again.. I’m doing things differently, taking the right steps. The thought of dating someone is not going to happen even if it presents it self. I need to be alone, for at least six months to a year. I need to develop my self worth and happiness with those in my life. I sit here tonight missing my ex but I’d rather be alone and miss him then with him and still be alone mentally and emotionally.

    I am hopeful I do eventually find someone, although it is not a priority, now. I think it is an okay thought to have and want… I won’t rely on it though… But I have to hope.

    Thanks for the kind words.


    Carrie, I have those moments too! We need those moments to experience growth. There is someone better for each of us, I’m sure of it too! Lmk if you need anything. Stay true to you.


    Kim unless you dated a heartless person, two are often left alone to pick up their own pieces. No two hearts break the same nor do they break even…. Worry about you and your heart, that is what’s most important.

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