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    im not sure what I’m looking for but see strong people with great wisdom on this site. I’ve been dealing with severe depression and over the last 2 years i slowly descended into what i would call a breakdown. i am now taking my medication correctly but before committing to doing that struggled with on and off self medicating. I’ve had 2 wrecks in 2 yrs now no care. allowed myself to lose my home now staying with a friend. i have lost all my material possessions including sentimental things. I know now things aren’t the most important part of life. but I’m struggling, feel stuck, frozen to find work, to exercise, to do anything. I’m scared, not working zero money, if not for my friend id be homeless. i have 2 kids 1 in college 1 just moved out on his own and they have no home to come back to. on list for counseling where i see dr. for meds. trying to learn how to meditate get comfort from this site and sites like this but still don’t know how to or make myself move forward. I’m 50 and feel to old to start over again. appreciate and thanks in advance for any thoughts.


    Pamela, the following quote helps me when my life seems overwhelming : “It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can”. If all you can do on some days is put one foot in front of the other that’s okay – don’t beat yourself up for it. Do what you can everyday however small or seemingly insignificant it may seem. One small healthy choice can lead to the next and the next in a domino effect.
    Although you probably feel that you are alone in these struggles the reality is that many, many others are struggling too – their struggles are just different from yours.
    Best wishes to you.


    I just wrote a research paper on depression and physical activity. Allow me to shed some light on a paragraph I wrote in conjunction with Tony Robbins’ TED Talk speech: Why we do what we do. Probably one of the most moving and inspiring talks I watched:

    Emotion is a powerful tool that we use at our disposal regularly. In a TED Talk presentation, Tony Robbins (2006) describes emotion being “the force of life” (1:13), and without the right emotion, we are just simply existing with no intent or purpose. If emotion is harnessed accordingly, it is possible to find the courage to transform our intentions into actions, or in other words, it is “how [we] take the invisible and make it visible” (3:16). This transformative process requires us to make three crucial steps regularly that will guide our intentions to unfold: applying a focus towards something, finding meaning in what you’re focusing on, then taking the appropriate action (7:48). It is in that moment when we employ meaning onto something that emotion begins to unfold within. Furthermore, if we bring forth the right emotion, we can tackle any obstacle in life that lies in front of us, even if it means starting an exercise program to help lessen depressive symptoms. By focusing our minds on a goal, finding meaning behind it (producing an emotional response), and taking the necessary steps forward, we can unlock this “invisible force of internal drive” that has remained dormant for so long (1:07). I believe that by applying this three step process at a conscious level can help an individual overcome their depression and take the necessary action to change themselves.

    I hope this helps.

    All the best to you elliott. Feel free to message me if you want to read my entire piece. I cover physical activity and depression from a personal stand-point as well as from research material also.


    Dear Pamela,
    I’m so happy to hear that you have commuted to taking the meds! But, they are not working yet, or possibly they are not the best ones. It takes a bit of trial and error to get to the right ones, so be patient and learn as much as you can about your depression and the meds.
    Next, your life is gone. In fact, it probably seems like there isn’t one now, or one that’s worth living. Those are normal at this time. But, you are taking the best steps that anyone can do in the situation (to add to this, few people make it to where you are, so I’m positive you will get through this simply because you made it this far) you are taking the meds, seeking counseling, and reaching out. One thing you may want to add is to listen to your intuition. It will sound like a whisper, and is usually rather faint but always feels true. It will take practice to learn to hear it, but it won’t fail you. Last, remember the illness is a part of you, it is not you. It is not your identity, it’s only a challenge (albeit a big one) that you are tackling head on. Fall down seven times…stand up eight!

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