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    Harriet Cabelly

    We all know success goes way beyond academic skills.  We need good coping skills, resilience and EI (emotional intelligence) to do well in life.

    With all the over-parenting/helicopter style, are we preparing our children to be independent, resourceful, responsible and compassionate young adults?  How do we promote these qualities and allow our kids to fall and fail so they can learn to get back up and continue onward with zest and perseverence?

    Alexey Sunly

    That sounds like a very involved question, but the answer is pretty simple: pay attention to your children and be mindful of what their skills and their desires are 🙂 A simple answer, yet a very hard practice to implement in real life for many people, because they can barely pay attention to themselves never mind others.


    Well, that is what school is all about. It’s a place to learn and have the opportunity to fail and grow in a safe environment. I think parents need to back off a little and stop helicoptering in, when the kid gets into trouble. I have teacher friends who tell me about these things happening, I really think the parents are doing a disservice to their children, kids need to learn from their mistakes and from consequences of their actions in a safe environment like school and home. Just my opinion, i’m not a parent.

    Buddhist Wife

    I think its difficult to not be a helicopter parent to some extent because if you don’t bust a gut to get opportunities for your child then they won’t have the chance to learn how to be independent.

    Looking back on my own education far far too much of it was purely academic. For example in food education I learnt how to design packaging for food but little about how to actually cook for a family. I was taught how to pass exams and not much more. In my country under the current government it seems that the emphasis is still firmly on the academic.

    So if as a parent you just rely on schools to prepare your children for the wider world I think you are going to be disappointed.

    I think the best thing you can give them is your time, and that’s what I hope to do for my child.

    Spend time with them in the wider world teaching so that they learn from example. Teach them the basics of how to run a home. Also teach them to think for themselves. If you can give them the opportunity to interact with as many different people as possible, not just kids their own age.


    I agree with Buddhist Wife!

    Bubbles G.

    +1 for Buddhist Wife’s response.

    She mentioned to expose children to as many people as possible and not just kids their own ages. To expand on this, I think exposing them to different cultures is also very important. Help them learn that not everyone is the same so they can become more compassionate and tolerant of others.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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