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    Hello everyone,

    I have done major research with LoA, on the conscious and subconscious mind in the past, but never really accomplished much with it because I would lose heart and revert back to previous thinking patterns, however this past month I decided to do put some major spiritual effort into some fantastic meditations and now truly understand that it is about living the moment after putting what we want out there. All I wanted was inner peace, because that’s the only starting point.

    The key is to be happy now and truly live in the present, regardless of whether its raining outside or that date cancels there is a reason for it. The keys to the kingdom are to embrace all that happens to us, because there is a greater reason beyond any challenge we encounter. The problem I used to have was that I couldn’t accept challenges, now I accept them for what they are and how they allow us to be better and grow.

    A few days ago after I had finished my 30 days I violently ill. I was sick, I had stomach cramps and major headache and flu like symptoms for about 12 hours, not to mention massive fear, huge fear. At first I was concerned that the meditations had some adverse effect, but then I realized it truly was a spiritual cleansing. I had also prayed for many people in my life and also practiced gratitude for all that I am.

    I did some research and it seemed to fit, many others had suffered the same, but also had the sense of immense peace soon after. I also noticed in the space of a few hours that there was a major shift from the fear I felt to peace in mind and heart. The room where I practice my meditation also had a warmth to it that I cannot describe. I felt a tranquility that I hadn’t felt in years. Is it possible that the final piece of the puzzle of inner peace had finally arrived?

    I believe so. I really do.

    The headaches were in my humble opinion my ego trying to hold onto to its position in my mind, but I feel I had pushed it aside. I feel more together, I can concentrate better. I am not sweating the past or anticipating the future. I am able to truly live the moment, and its an incredible feeling.

    So I say to all whether you are just beginning to find yourself or whether you have or are about to. Keep doing what you are doing because you don’t know how close you are to the next step.

    I’m not saying challenge is over. (Where’s the fun in that!?) All I am saying is that I am better positioned to accept and conquer these challenges.

    I hope each of you that reads this today gets something positive from this, and also has anyone else experienced anything like this? If so I’d love to hear your story.

    Thank you.




    What is LoA?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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