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    Nisha Chandra

    Hi everyone! Greetings for the day .
    Almost all human being always tend to pursue happiness. We are always with a mind set that if we will achieve something that will make us happy. We keep chasing happiness all our lives but happiness keeps changing its address. Even after running for our entire life most of us never get to meet the real happiness.

    But there are some people who don’t bother to chase happiness rather they have decided otherwise. “THEY HAVE DECIDED TO CREATE HAPPINESS”.

    The little contributions of these people facilitate others brings happiness and love in this world.
    I have read a wonderful story and decided to share it in tinnybuddha. The website which itself is a creator of happiness. 🙂

    Check this out http://upsohigh.com/the-little-contribution/

    shamita guha

    Hi Nisha, I agree with this. Happiness is always to be created in present not to be chased in future. Happiness is all about journey not the destination. And if we could make others happy with our little contributions within our abilities what could be better than that.
    I always feed beggars on my weekend visits to temples. The happiness in the face of those beggars , when they see the food ,gives me a great sense of satisfaction.
    I often go for blood donation and all. These things kind of work as cure to all my negativity.

    I remember a movie “pay it forward”. Where if one person to some good to another person the person has to repay by doing good to three different persons. Wish if we all could implement this in our lives. In spite of all hatred and terrorism, world will become a better place to live


    Bravo, Nisha. ~~~ We are indeed the true creators of our own emotions, we form these emotions from the messages we listen to. Much like the ghosts of fear, failure or a restless heart we create them as well. Happiness is truly a state of mind and it trickles down to every pore on our entire body. For a long time I waited for the world around me to change, but unfortuantely it never did and sometimes it even got worse. Not until I myself took a different outlook on life as a whole; by looking for the good things in my life happening all around me did things changed for the better. In my realm of true peace and joy, I look for reasons to do good things for other people just for the sake of doing it. It is with reckless abandonment that I do it with a pure heart, if the only thing I get in return is a smile. Then I can consider this as a fair exchange, because I have had others reach out to me when I needed help but I never got to say ‘thank you.’

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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