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    I’ve been thinking up the courage to ask these questions all morning and I’m just going to on ahead and ask. If you think you have the answer or an idea please fill me in. After a breakup, why is it so easy for some individuals to just stop trying or calling or even looking for the person they claimed to love so much? Is it because they have already found someone new or perhaps have started talking to someone that interests them, making it so easy to forget the other person? can people separate and just separate to take time for themselves to think through and reflect on what happened? Is it also possible that time helps us forget faster about that other person? Or just simply anger toward what happened helps you move on? I had an ex tell me recently that when we broke up it was his anger that helped him through his pain over the breakup…he also said he didn’t have anyone else. What do you guys think? I guess from a females perspective we always tend to see the worst in every situation and always assume there’s someone else. I’d like to get feedback on this please. E


    Don’t assume it’s easy to break-up with a person or cut off contact. It’s actually very difficult. However, it’s even more difficult to keep in contact with someone after you’ve broken up with them because every contact is like pouring salt on the wound.

    And yes, just because they’re the ones who initiated the break-up doesn’t mean that they walked away unscathed.

    When you make a decision to break-up knowing it’s the best thing for you in the long term, that doesn’t mean that you’re feelings for that person just go away. You still care about the other person and so there’s pain and suffering associated with seeing someone who know you shouldn’t be with or can’t be with.

    Breaking off contact protects you and the other person from additional pain and suffering and allows you to spend time alone processing your feelings and emotions and taking the time to heal the wound properly.


    Breaking up or cutting off someone does not mean you actually do not think about the person you so much loved! You need time maybe to clear things in your head and whether this is the best decision you made! Take your time think reflect and then also experience life without the person to see if it is possible. Sometimes a break up can make a relationship a lot stronger too!


    I’ve broken up with up BFs in the past and have totally cut them out of my life when I did and it was because in order to heal my heart I needed absolute space away from them. I never meant to be cruel or mean, it’s just what I needed to do and I think it’s a reasonable way to deal with a breakup.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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