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    I bought a jasmine plant for my office. When I bought my jasmine plant, I was told it would bloom and the fragrance would fill my office. I had the plant for about two months, and every day I looked at it and wondered why aren’t there any flowers or fragrance. I was not happy, so gave the plant to a coworker.

    At the same time another coworker bought the same jasmine plant. On Monday, she called and asked me to come to her office. When I walked in, the fragrance from her jasmine was amazing. She cut the flowers and gave them to me. I couldn’t stop smelling them – I’m still smelling them. Surrounded by the fragrance of only a handful of these flowers, I had an epiphany

    The coworker bought her plant the same time I did. It took a year for her jasmine to bloom. I was so impatient for my mine to bloom, I gave it away. Had I waited, my office would have the same scent as hers.

    In a way my life is like the jasmine plant. I need to be patient and let things happen.

    The coworker that I gave the jasmine plant to gave it away as well, and the current keeper is leaving next Wednesday. When he goes, the plant will return to me. This time I am going to wait. I have learned that when you want something in your life, you can’t rush it. You have to be patient. I have begun meditating and am slowly learning to have that patience. I need to be patient enough to wait for my jasmine to bloom.

    Alexa H.

    This is a great story. It’s inspiring and right-on!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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