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    Hi all,

    Back again! I love this community and forum because I truly feel like I can express myself when difficult or yet happy times arise, and I always get welcomed and warm feedback. So as always thank you in advance.

    I am currently going through tough time of giving up something. Not just anything- I’ve come to a point where I am having to sell my beloved horse of 13 years. I have had her since I was 13 and if any of you are an animal lover or people lover- giving up someone is difficult. I feel like I am being ripped apart inside at every angle. This is a decision I came to on my own, something that I am not being forced into but almost a cross roads in my life. I share my story to see if anyone else has been through something similar or has had any experience in giving something up that is so precious to you.

    My horse and I have a very strong connection to one another. I grew up riding, horses being something I loved and having my own horse was my wish not only on my birthday but every day…. all I ever wanted was to ride horses, be around horses, love horses heck I wanted to be a horse (when I was young)….those were simpler times. I have held on to her, even moved her across the states to come live in a town out west that is the iconic west- where cowboys still live! i loved the lifestyle I loved the people I met through it all and most of all I loved my horse more then anything in the world.

    though recently (last 3 years) I have entered a time in my life that I have wanted to explore other interests besides horses, I love to travel, I love to volunteer, help people, do multiple other outdoor sports…horses took a wayside and so did she at times. She was still there for me though all through college as a support system as I lived so far away from family. Now that I am on my own, I struggle to pay rent, keep her and feed myself- let alone see her a lot (my job takes up a lot of my time)- I’ve thought about switching jobs so that I can spend more time with her, but the money thing wouldn’t go away, also the nagging sense of wanting to do so much with my life- go back to school, move to a different state, etc. all things that are hard to do with a horse. She is getting older (15- horses live to around 30s sometimes though), she is still healthy so I can still sell her to a good home. Ive gotten all the way to advertising her and now having interest and potential people to come out to view her for sale- and yet I am so torn up inside if I am doing the right thing by giving her up, there is a sadness in her too like she knows whats going on, how could I abandon her after all these years? there is such a strong connection and love between us that I can’t see this ending good- I am already heart broken and I don’t know if I can make it by giving her up. Keeping her seems like I am just holding myself back in my own life, yet giving her seems like I won’t realize what I had till its gone

    please help?


    Dear Thoughtfullearning:

    There is and will be sadness in giving away your horse. Yet it may be for the long term benefit of you and your horse. Make sure you will be selling her to a good home, that she will have a good life where she will be living next AND that you will be able to visit her in the future. Maybe even be in some contact with her new owners so you can get updates..?



    I don’t see how you will be able to give up your horse who is like your baby. If you had kids, it would be hard to give them up so why would this be any different? I think you will not be happy if you give up your horse after that many years. Can’t you just get a more long term babysitter for the times you want to travel?


    Hi beautiful person you will get through this. Hope is coming never give up hioe, what mattes is to focus on yoyr happiness and care for the horse, find her a loving home or thinj positive and know shell be ok, make surr she finds a good home with loving people and that you need to focus on your happiness too whatvever gives yuo2 joy, , i
    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU YOU LOVE TO HELP TOO, KEEP BEING YOU YOURR A AMAZING BEAUTIFUL PERSON focus your worries and anxieties on hobbies focusing and helping others qnd just know youll be ok you always will be. You cn survive anything and the bond you have with your horse won’t ever die, itll live on forever in others your horses and your heart and maybe you can share your story in a book or something. Its about what we do with the sadness and how to learn from it, its okay you feel this way but youll end up being alright so will your horse. Never losemhope beautiful you are loved you matter keep being positive we lovenyoy so much Love Leni ♡Livelovelifeleni Positivity&Motivation ♡

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