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    “Emotional Mastery”, ha, like there’s ANY such thing. Anyway, hi there, I’m new here, around Nov. 2017 when I’d just been officially diagnosed with Major Depression and it was REALLY bad, my mom showed me an inspirational quote from this site that I thought was really beautiful. Then, the thought came to me to join the forums a few days ago. Off and on since I was 17 (am 27 now), I’ve been battling depression pretty hard-core at times, but again, was never actually diagnosed until Nov. last year mainly because I didn’t tell anyone -I just had all the symptoms. For just as long as I’ve been depressed, I’ve also been on and off in therapy to try to cope. I will quit therapy for a few weeks-month due to it just being too emotionally exhausting, but then I will resume it when I can’t go without it anymore. Been finding myself needing it again, but I’m scared to face the fire, although I will go back. Has anyone else experienced this? UGH!


    Welcome Em.

    No I never really faced such a dilemma.

    I do know that I usually go into something that I know is good for but reluctant to do so when the pain gets to be too much (hit bottom).

    I also know that that is not the best way of healing myself.  It is better to stick with therapy rather than do it in spurts and stops.

    Good luck,


    Dear Em:

    Welcome to the Forums. Ten years of therapy, on and off- has it lead you to an understanding of the origin of your depression sometime during your Formative Years (those years of childhood)?

    Perhaps you believe that major depression is a result of a chemical imbalance one is born with?



    Hello Em.  Depression is tough but I’m glad you got an official diagnosis so you know the best treatments.  I’ve had clinical depression for the past 15 years which was triggered by a very traumatic event in my late 40’s.  Going on medication (SSRI) was a last resort, but it gave me my life back.  I was becoming less and less functional.  No energy or motivation, missing time at work, etc.  Then I had a serious depressive episode which was several weeks of hell.  Only going on medication pulled me out of it.  I’ve stayed on a low dose since then which has kept me stable.  For clinical depression, most experts will recommend a combination of medication and talk therapy.  Hope your treatment goes well for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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